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Secure Data Exchange Within The Cloud

By TrendsTechBlog , in SECURITY , at October 27, 2020 Tags: , , ,

The industry is looking for ways to ensure security in cloud-bound enterprise IT architectures, reducing the performance impact of conventional encryption techniques. A good example is a work carried out by an international team of researchers, who propose a new approach to the integration of encryption techniques, which would guarantee security without affecting performance so much.

The cloud is a fundamental technology for the present and the digital future of people and organizations. Still, it is currently facing a series of barriers that can pose problems for its use in certain environments. Security is the most important, since not all cloud offers to offer the same guarantees, and some may be unsafe, both by providers and by users themselves, who do not always comply with the good practices they require these environments.

As a result of these problems, the industry has implemented encryption technologies that guarantee security, but which in turn introduce factors that slow down work with the data, due to the different encryption and decryption steps and the credential verification that must be done. Carry out constantly. Although this way of protecting information is vital, applications need to consume large amounts of data safely, and industry researchers are working to create new ways to maintain protection without losing efficiency.

To help overcome these barriers, a large team of engineers from different universities in having produced a comprehensive study on encryption in cloud environments, with an emphasis on architectures where services are outsourced to different cloud computing and storage providers where the biggest security breaches occur. Researchers have delved into the challenges of security, integrity, confidentiality, and authentication, and conducted numerous simulations to understand the mechanisms involved in working with cloud data fully.

All of them have been carried out in an Oracle Box virtual machine and in a Fog environment on an Ubuntu platform, where they have taken into account the execution parameters, integrity, performance, entropy, data transfer rate and delay in operations involving encryption. As a result of this, they have prepared a work in which they demonstrate that their proposal “is competent and satisfies the security prerequisites of the secure exchange of data, and can withstand security attacks efficiently”.

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