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Finding The Best Cellular Business Plan

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In the modern business world being connected is of the utmost importance. Modern smartphones allow businesses to not only be reachable via a phone call but also access text messages, video conferences, and various other internet-based systems such as company sales platforms and databases. Your company needs a strong and feature-rich mobile subscription plan to truly succeed. 

While you likely have experience with having a cellphone account, business accounts differ from personal accounts in many ways. Business accounts often have different upgrade rules, discounts, per line rates, how data is shared, and how features are provided. A family account of 4 lines is quite different than a business account of 50 if not more lines. Even if you have a smaller business, understanding how business accounts work and what to look for is highly beneficial. By considering the following factors, you can make the best choice for your business.

Things To Look For in Your Company Mobile Subscription

  • Phone Selection: when reviewing mobile service providers, phone selection is highly important. Consideration has to be given for hardware specifics and the software a phone uses. For example, some businesses need their company smartphones to include good cameras for important business activities, some need heavy-duty phones to prevent damage and others require long-lasting batteries. The phones you buy for your company need to match your business needs and daily activity. Also, consider the software platform as you have to ensure any apps or services you use work with the types of phones you buy for your employees.  
  • Service Features: mobile plans have grown well beyond just calls and texting. The biggest service providers offer a variety of different features to their business account holders. However, what each company offers can differ and that can be very important for your business as you consider your specific needs. Factors you should keep in mind include how much data you receive for cellular internet use, how data is tracked if it is limited, possible roaming agreements, special features such as using smartphone devices as cellular modems for laptops, advanced spam protection, specialized customer support, and other security features. Business needs can be quite specified so ensure that your cellular service provider has what you are looking for. 
  • Coverage: while cellular coverage has improved greatly in recent years there are still locations where coverage is limited. Some areas are remote and may only offer a limited selection of cellular service providers. When reviewing offers from service providers be sure to check where your employees are during the business day and what are the common locations where your company does business. Your cellular coverage needs to match the places you’re going to be or places you expect to be as dead zones can cause your company to lose business and in extreme cases may even be dangerous.   
  • Upgrades and Replacement Policy: hardware needs can differ between companies. Some companies only need new devices every few years, while others may need equipment updates on a more consistent basis. Upgrades can cost money. However, a lot of carriers greatly value their business account holders and may offer sizable discounts on equipment for continued service. Be sure to ask about any upgrade deals and how often they can be used, as many carriers also offer trade-in discounts and overall discounts on a specific timeframe. Also, be sure to ask about replacement policies and phone protection as devices can and do break.
  • Additional Devices: cellular service has become very diverse and doesn’t just involve smartphones. Other items that use cellular services can include tablets, wearable devices, automotive devices, mobile internet hotspots, and more. If your company needs very specific non-phone devices that use cellular data, be sure to ask about them. In many cases, such devices can be added to a business account and may receive some type of discount by being a part of your larger business cellphone plan.

Final Thoughts

The days when a company could be slow to respond are long gone and to stay ahead of the competition (and best serve your customers) you have to be proactive and not reactive. Being connected to important data and being reachable when you’re out in the field is essential for many types of companies. A good company cellphone plan can keep your employees connected, keep them reachable, and provide them the best in secure equipment.