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Use Dynamics Business Central In The Finance Area

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The solution that Microsoft has created, Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, is the most suitable for small and medium-sized companies, helping those that were obsolete with their management tools and providing the opportunity to leap to the cloud to all those who want to optimize their work methodologies while enjoying more excellent connectivity between teams.

Cloud solutions offer a series of advantages such as the availability of a joint database and available at any time and the possibility of being combined with different business domains. Being able to align the work dynamics of various departments towards a common objective improves the use of time, information, and resources by putting technology at talent service.

Business Central allows you to take a new step and integrate with Office 365. This type of intelligent process will enable you to make the most of all the information generated. In addition, it is possible to combine and manage different areas, such as:

  • Control of the supply chain.
  • Administration of services and sales.
  • Finance.
  • Project management.
  • Operative administration.
  • Analytics and business intelligence.

There are different functionalities of Business Central to manage finances. It is the critical piece since it provides you in the same environment the possibility of controlling your entire business.

This ERP allows us to automate and optimize accounting processes. This optimizes the flow of information and a series of strategies to make decisions based on data, accelerate the financial close and improve the accuracy of forecasts. Some of the main tasks that we can control from Business Central are:

  • Access to the history
  • Access to the client’s file
  • Tax declarations
  • Ordering
  • Control of the state of the business’s fixed assets
  • Management of payments and collections in clients and suppliers
  • Making bank reconciliation entries
  • Budget management

One of the main benefits that Microsoft ERP provides is the visibility it provides to financial data—as a fundamental component of any strategic planning, having a unified environment facilitates the definition and fulfillment of objectives in business intelligence and analytics.

Advantages of Dynamics 365 Business Central the most notable advantages offered by this cloud platform for the entire organization should be highlighted. Of all the strengths that Microsoft has incorporated into one of its flagship products, it is convenient to review those that can change the course of your business for the better.

  • Security
    Microsoft has automatic data encryption that allows you to manage, store and send data reliably and securely.
  • Integral Management
    The centralization of data and the automation of processes allows complete control of the company’s actual state.
  • Analysis Of Data
    Thorough data monitoring enables reliable and detailed financial forecasting.
  • Agility In The Financial Closing
    Automatic account reconciliation will allow you to carry out a fast and efficient financial closing.
  • Reliability In Decision Making
    The information provided by D365 Business Central is detailed and verified; you can know the company’s status in real-time.
  • Economic Savings
    The automation and improvement of processes provide optimization of resources.

Financial and treasury management is undergoing a transformation that provides the opportunity to obtain up-to-date and accurate information on the status of financial operations in real-time. The possibilities offered by the Dynamics Business Central solution in the cloud are varied. Still, the automation and robotization of processes allow us to execute operations simultaneously in the financial area without human intervention.

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