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6 Digital Tools To Make Your Life Easier As A Student

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The life of an average student is filled with different academic tasks, assignments, and extracurriculars. In other words, for you to excel as a student, you need to fashion out sustainable ways to make life in the world of academics easier for you, so you don’t break down or struggle to milk out good academic results while you study.

A good student understands the importance of planning and implementing tools to achieve maximal academic results. For academic excellence, students need to look out for and identify online digital skills that will make their study life more effortless. For such students, we have curated five useful digitals they would need.

1) PDFBear

The importance of this tool cannot be overemphasized. You can quickly merge PDF online when you use PDFBear. It is easily the best file converter any lecturer or student can think of. It lets you unlock and merge PDF files with ease.

It allows you to change file format, whether using an Android, Windows, or IOS. There is no need to download new software as this tool works online. With a good internet connection, it converts your files quickly and faster without wasting your time.

One of the best features of PDFBear is that you can repair a broken or corrupt Pdf. You can still retrieve your file, even when you could not open it due to a technical error. This converter is an innovative online editor, and you can extract many pages from your file.

Your files are safe during conversion, and the output enhances the look of your file. Usually, it would only take at least two minutes to convert your word files. When restoring or editing any file, you can rest assured that you wouldn’t lose any files.

Again, with a good network connection, you can convert pdf to jpg anytime and anywhere. You can even share your files via email. With PDFBear you can easily convert different file formats like PDF to JPG, Word to PDF, etc.

To recap its premium features: the quality of your data can still be maintained even after compression. It gives you all the time to download your file and delete it after. PDFBear deletes your files permanently from its server, and you can resize your data for free. If you would like to merge and combine pdf files into one file, pdf bear is the quickest tool to achieve this.

As the best file conversion option, merging files is made better and hassle-free. It is cost-effective and doesn’t suck up your data. Studying is simply made easy, hassle-free if you make PDFBear, your study partner with the features discussed above. Even for teachers, it improves your efficiency and output, making you smarter and tech-savvy.

2) Google Meet

It has admirable features like noise cancellation, low-light mode, in-message chats, and many more. With it, your meetings are private and secure. This is why it’s ranked as a trusted video conferencing and particularly easy to use. No software is required. Google’s products are secured and your information would be safe while using their products.

With this tool, everyone can create and join high-quality video calls from any part of the world. One can securely connect, collaborate and celebrate from any part of the world.

3) Grammarly

Grammarly helps with spelling and grammar correction. It has a scoreboard that’s dedicated to making your writing perfect. It has a grammar that is easy to use and navigate to optimize your writing. It provides excellent suggestions on word complexity, ineffective word use, poor sentencing, detects plagiarism, and all forms of vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

It makes your written word more effective and engaging by identifying and correcting contextual errors. It makes it possible for real-time suggestions and guidelines on correcting mistakes, such as misplaced and errant commas.

4) Quizlet

It allows them to study information through learning tools and games. It helps students and teachers alike to master knowledge through interactive games and tools. It is a mobile web-based study application.

5)Khan Academy

This online tool helps learners by producing short lessons in the form of videos. Khan Academy also has tests, quizzes, and materials students can practice with. All these resources come with the user’s subscription.

6) GrammarBase

Unlike other websites, you do not need to register or provide contact information before using it. All you have to do is write content, and it helps you highlight the wrong parts. It’s not just about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more.

If you pay close attention to your writing, you might also find obscure bugs such as line manipulators, background blur, and quantifiers. GrammarBase is free and requires no software download. However, since the software has not been downloaded, the corrections won’t automatically appear as you type. You would manually have to input your work in the Grammar Base platform to get the modifications you need.

In Conclusion

These digital tools are, no doubt, beneficial to any academic pursuit. They serve to make you more effective, efficient, and optimal. So, be rest assured that with any of these tools, you are liberated from making easy tasks look too strenuous. When students are happy and less burdened, their level of academic output is greatly influenced. Make sure to bookmark them for the next time you need to complete a task!

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