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CocoFinder Review Everything You Need To Know About Level 2 Background Check

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There is only limited information that can be attained as and when you meet an individual. It is hard to know their history, status, etc. You would only be able to attain prima facie details and the details they tell you.

So, do you believe in what is being told to you? Is there a possibility that the person is lying? Is there a possibility that a person has malafide intentions? You don’t judge or doubt the onlookers. But there are people who would matter in your organization, i.e. new employees or a potential hire.

Frankly, some people have evident vibes about them that they are trouble. But, dismissing a relationship from someone just because of the vibes is unfair. In such a case, you can navigate to level 2 background check from an online platform.

What Is A Level 2 Background Check

We all know what a background check is but we might not know of the levels. As a pre-employment procedure, background check is getting immensely popular in organizations. The level of background checks that a person needs to undergo often varies based on the roles.

For instance, when hiring an operational resource with a very limited work graph, you might be lenient about their checking. For many crucial and senior roles, you need to check how reliable the person really is.

Level 2 of Background Check is a check that exceeds the state limit and covers disqualifying offenses. It’s a rather deep scenario and digs into a lot of details of an individual. You can opt for CocoFinder as the most trustworthy website to give you quick Level 2 insight on a person.

What Is A Level 2 Background Check

Level 2 Background Check Agencies Vs CocoFinder

Background checking is becoming an imperative part about hiring someone. To cater to this cause a lot of background check agencies have also emerged. They come at a cost, well, massive cost. Organizations end up paying a lot of cost for every background check requested.

CocoFinder is a web platform. Unlike the background check agencies, it has an encrypted system with vast resources and a database to extract information. So when there is no manual intervention and the results are purely based on logic and search, the results are surely reliable.

Another added advantage of CocoFinder is the fact that it is so inexpensive. As compared to the background check agencies, it is a huge cost saving. Most agencies in turn end up using CocoFinder to dig into people.

So, by whatever means you want to make a comparison, CocoFinder is the best and most reliable source. It offers immediate results and gives 100% authentic information. It has emerged as a very promising platform when it comes to Level 2 Background Check.

Check Background Through CocoFinder

There are a number of ways in which you can do Level 2 Background Check. The search can be based on a number of search criteria. You can base your search based on the information at your disposal. The information is as below:

Check Background Through Name

You can run a Level 1 or Level 2 background check on someone by just knowing their first name or last name. Whatever information you have, you can mention the same. If you have a name, address, etc. you can check the information immediately.

If you insert vague information about names, the results will be filtered out. The search results will show you relevant profiles. You can select the individual whose data you are seeking.

Check Background Through Name

Check Background From Phone Number

Phone numbers are unique to individuals and if you have someone’s phone number, you can run a background check on them. With CocoFinder, the results are always accurate and immediate,

Check Background From Address

Does the person live where they are claiming to live? You can check their background based on their address that has been provided. Even if you have a rough idea about the vicinity, you can make your pick.

Process Of Checking Background Through CocoFinder

The process to run a Level 2 Background check on someone with CocoFinder is very simple. It is extremely easy and reliable. The person’s whose background you intend to be checking will receive no information about this sort of checking.

To start with, you need to visit the CocoFinder web page. Once on the page, you can look for the tab that says ‘search now’. When at the search now column, you can enter all the information and details that you have about an individual.

As stated previously, you can attain information about an individual through their name, phone number, address and even their email. You can trust CocoFinder with its authenticity of data. Accessing someone’s public records and checking their background can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Once you have the search results, you can just download and view the report. For that, you would need to enter your card details, your email and proceed with the payment. Once paid, you will get the details about the said person on your email.

What Happens When You Do Not Run A Background Check

When you do not run a Level 2 background check, you can make a serious operational loss. So saving a small buck now can lead to real financial ramifications. Every new employee comes with associated costs.

You invest in an employee by running them through training, orientations, etc. When it comes to some vital roles, you even test the reliability of such a person. For some roles, it becomes easy to know the trade secrets and business functionalities.

So, running a background check is imperative if you want your employee turnover costs to minimize. With CocoFinder, you are just five minutes away from running the most elite background check.


There are many reasons why you must opt for CocoFinder over any agency or other platform. Even if you have no experience of using a background check web platform, CocoFinder will be easy. It is designed in a manner to make the data and details easily attainable.

You can navigate to level 2 background check and dig down into someone’s professional and personal past. It is the best platform to seek the information required.

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