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5 Useful Ways To Edit A PDF Without Adobe

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Adobe is a good PDF editing tool and it comes with amazing features. Altogether, most users and small businesses find it very expensive to use and thus sorting other cheaper ways to modify their documents. There are several ways to edit PDF without having to necessarily use Adobe. One of the most efficient is the CocoDoc PDF tool. You can never go wrong with it.

PDF Editing Services Online

Editing documents that are in PDF format should not take a toll on anybody despite how soon they need it. Technology has enabled users to be able to edit their PDF documents using various editors. CocoDoc PDF tool is one of the most effective and efficient tools any user can adapt and it is easy to use.

While using these editors, the user is only required to upload the document to the server and start the modification process. Before uploading the document, the user should ensure that it does not contain sensitive or private data and information.

It is also important for the user to be careful in selecting the online editor they want to use since they are plenty of them. The catch is choosing an editor that has the best features for impressive outcomes.

There is free software but unfortunately, its features are less developed. However, they can be useful if what you are looking for is basic editing. So depending on the nature of your work, you can get good PDF editing software.

Edit PDF Using Microsoft Word

While using a Windows PC, you can easily edit your PDF document. This is enabled by the fact that if you open a PDF document using Microsoft Word, it automatically converts to an editable document.

When at it, a user is able to edit images and text in the same way you would with a normal word document. Once you’re through with the editing, it allows you to convert the document back to PDF.

Edit PDF Using Standalone Software

As an individual or a small business, it does not make economic sense to pay for the Adobe software given their rates. Altogether, there are affordable soft wares that are both efficient and reliable to use. Most of these soft wares have been used and found to deliver and provide a good user experience.

Some people prefer the free ones although their features are not advanced, all the same, they can be of help depending on the deliverable you are looking for. Users should shop around before settling for any software because there are both cheap and expensive ones yet some comprise of the same features.

Editing Using Preview App

You can do some basic PDF editing using the preview App. However, this only applies to people that are using Mac only. Preview is an app that comes with Mac devices and helps users to convert both pictures and PDF files.

The app functions more or less an equivalent as Acrobat. Moreover, it allows you to carry on with your editing without having to download other apps. The app also allows you to sign your PDF document.

Editing Using Google Docs

The first step to edit your PDF using Google Docs is to make sure you have a Google account; you can sign up for free if you don’t have one. With the options granted, pick Google Docs and once you click on it, your document will open on a different tab allowing you to edit it.

Once you are done editing, you can save it on Google Docs as it will be saved in the drive or you can download it. You can either edit from a computer or your smartphone. For smartphones, it’s a bit task as you need to access it using the desktop view.


For all your PDF editing, you should consider using the CocoDoc PDF tool. Security is key for every individual or organization and that’s what CocoDoc PDF guarantees. Moreover, it is free and comes with incredible features that ensure you attain the quality of work you desire and deserve.

However, you are free to choose free or premium online PDF file editors. It is wise to consider your needs before settling for any platform or software especially if you are in need of it for a long time. Microsoft office is also a great way to edit your files. However, it is not efficient when a document has several graphics.

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