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5 Types Of Software To Protect Yourself On The Internet

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The more we evolve, the more the risks in terms of cybercrime increase. This year more than ever, everyone must guard against these risks and can, in addition to their vigilance, use various tools and software to help protect themselves on the Internet.

Internet you through this detailed article an overview of 5 types of software, each time with examples of suppliers allowing you to be continually protected online, whatever you do.

VPN software

Very popular in recent years, VPN software allows their users to automatically pass their data through virtual private servers when browsing the Internet. Internet words, all the exchanges that will be made between a device (computer or smartphone) and the internet encrypted and anonymized.

The objective is, on the one hand, to prevent any malicious person from recovering the personal data of a VPN user, but it can also have many advantages such as:

  • Make browsing anonymous
  • Hide your personal IP address
  • Bypass geo-blocks
  • Protect yourself from possible online threats

We could cite Cyberghost or ExpressVPN, which are both ideally suited to secure your internet connection among the best VPNs.

The Password Manager

Regularly changing your passwords using complex and diverse passwords for each service is one of the best ways to protect yourself from hacks on the Internet. However, the Internet has a management downside, and password managers are there to compensate for this problem. Password managers are tools that allow you to automatically create and save an unlimited number of passwords belonging to you to always keep your accounts and online services as secure as possible. Your passwords will then be changed regularly, at the frequency of your choice and stored with a double authentication so that they cannot be hacked. The most well-known password managers include NordPass or Dashlane.


Many of you already have one, but it is not harmful to mention this tool which over time has become essential if you want to secure your private network and your devices from various viruses, malware, ransomware and other files. Malicious. Antiviruses are used to intercept and block malicious files as soon as they are about to be installed on your device (computer, smartphone). The list of antiviruses is long, but a comparison of antiviruses allows us to determine the two best of them, which are Kaspersky and Bitdefender, on the international market.


Anti-malware is cybersecurity software that can detect and remove malware already present on any computing device. Unlike antivirus software, it can act only to remove this type of software once it has been installed. This allows its user to return to a healthy infrastructure and ensure that his device is no longer contaminated by any software such as trojan, virus, adware or other malware. For example, we could cite the most famous of them, namely Malwarebytes, founded in 2008.

Cleaning Software

Finally, the 5th type of software that is particularly useful for guaranteeing the security of its infrastructure is, in our opinion, cleaning software. It is very close to anti-malware, but the latter also has the task of removing unused elements and files from the system to optimize the performance of the infrastructure.

Once launched, the software will evaluate the items to delete, then with a single click, you can ask to delete those items that are not or too little use for your device. This will therefore have the consequence, on the one hand, of removing the so-called “risky” elements for your device, but in addition to saving you in the speed of execution and loading. The most famous free cleaning software is none other than Ccleaner.


Cybersecurity is at the heart of discussions in 2021, and everyone needs to know the issues of good protection of its infrastructure for personal data and confidentiality. Today many tools allow us to be secure online at a lower cost. Whether it is antivirus, VPN software, cleaning software or other cybersecurity tools, we recommend that you use these devices to ensure your cybersecurity.

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