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How to Make Money Online in Thailand With Your Language Skills

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Money is on everyone’s minds these days. With inflation going sky-high, people need to watch every dollar they spend. Have you thought of how you can earn money by utilizing your language skills?

Easy Ways to Make Money Online

There are several avenues through which you can earn money, and the internet is one of them. Working online means you can make money from anywhere, including Thailand. If you have a firm language grasp, try these gigs out.


Transcription is the process of turning audio into written text. Recently, there has been an increased demand for transcription services in various fields, such as education, healthcare, and legal. In turn, this need has led to the growth of multiple companies that offer transcription services, which are in constant demand for new transcriptionists, such as:

  • SpeakWrite
    One of the best transcription companies to work for is SpeakWrite. It has decent rates and pays via PayPal or direct deposit twice a month. To start working with SpeakWrite, you must pass its test and have at least one year of experience in transcription. Once accepted, expect to prepare transcripts for legal companies, government and law enforcement agencies, and private sector clients. The good thing with SpeakWrite is that you can choose your hours and only work on jobs that interest you.
  • Transcript Divas
    Transcript Divas has one of the best pay rates in the market. However, it has a rigorous recruiting method. To qualify as a transcriber, you must:
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have good written communication skills
  • Type quickly and accurately
  • Adhere to all provided guidelines
  • Be able to capture every word without paraphrasing
  • Be able to deliver transcripts for at least two hours of audio per week
  • During your application, you will also need to provide your resume and pass its test. Payments occur via PayPal and direct deposit.
  • Speechpad
    Speechpad is another good transcription agency. To work with Speechpad, you must pass a transcription and grammar test. It’s important to note that Speechpad uses a rating system for all its transcribers, which affects the type of work one can receive. The higher your ratings, the better your payment rates. The company pays twice a week via PayPal.


Another way you can make money online in Thailand is through writing. There is always a need for writers who can produce high-quality content. This content includes website articles, research papers, reports, press releases, business plans, and academic papers. If you have good grammar backed with the creativity to produce original content, then apply to be a writer at the following sites:

  • EssayShark
    EssayShark deals primarily with academic writing, but you can also find other writing jobs on the platform. To create an account with the company, you will need to have a university degree supported by your official government-issued identity card. There is a 15-minute grammar test you will need to pass before you can go to the next step, which involves a writing test. Once you have passed all these tests, you will be able to start earning through the platform. EssayShark implements a bidding system where writers can bid for jobs. Writers can also get direct offers; this usually happens with repeat customers.
  • UvoCorp
    UvoCorp is another excellent academic writing platform. It is popular for its high pay rates, and you can pick up to four jobs at a time. However, getting a writer’s account with UvoCorp is usually quite hard, given that it is very strict with its recruiting processes. Even after qualifying to be a writer, you will still have to undergo a probation period.
  • WriterBay
    It would be best if you also considered WriterBay, as it consistently has good-paying academic writing jobs. The downside of WriterBay is that it rarely recruits new writers. However, if you have an opportunity to get a writer’s account on the platform, you will have a guarantee of consistent work that pays well.

Enjoy Living in Thailand by Maximizing Your Language Skills

There are unlimited ways to make money online in Thailand, from our suggestions above to operating a YouTube channel and completing surveys online on platforms such as All you need to achieve this is reliable internet, a device, and the ability to communicate well.

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