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Employee Self-Service Solutions Exact Synergy And Sage Control Schedule

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Workers are the engine of companies. Both to optimally manage them and achieve their commitment, and it is essential to provide them with tools that simplify their work and their relationships with the organization itself. We present you two self-service solutions for the employee: Exact Synergy and Sage Control Schedule to increase their satisfaction.

Employees increasingly demand to be self-sufficient and control their work and independence in their procedures with the company. They are used to using mobile applications and websites to manage their daily life in all areas, from their financial activities or their relations with the Public Administrations to their consumption of the contracted services (water, electricity, transport, telephony and internet.) or shopping (eCommerce).

The employee portal is a handy tool to meet these aspirations. It is a single point where workers can meet, consult and communicate any event, from shifts to training or absences and vacations. For their part, HR managers, both as employees and supervisors, demand fast and intuitive solutions with a mobile app mentality that allows them to have both a global and detailed vision of each staff member.

HR Management Apps

What if we merge a process management proposal for human resources with a tool for time control that fully complies with RD-Law 8/2019, both in a 100% web environment and accessible via APP for mobile devices? This scenario is offered by integrating the Exact Synergy BPM software for HR and the Sage Control Timetable solution. The result is a single framework for controlling all key HR workflows designed and deployed by employees themselves.

With Exact Synergy for HR, it is possible to automate any process simply by incorporating digital forms that are very easy to fill out and integrate into it and flow with its components, documentation, emails, tasks, etc. Added to this built-in document management is the possibility of generating alerts and reports automatically. The Sage Control Schedule is also a user-friendly application that allows you to join the processes deployed with Synergy to manage the check-in and check-out from the employee’s mobile device.

Automation Of Data Logging Flow

With the Exact Synergy employee self-service mobile application, they can update their information from their devices, saving time and management. You do not have to contact HR for this. In the case of requests or communications (days off, leave, vacations.) that require authorizations, after including the appropriate information, it is integrated into an automatic flow that will reach the person in charge for its assessment and validation. From this same app, workers have access to their payroll and other personal documents.

The app is a traditional channel of the employee portal. It is also a means of communication to see any relevant news from the company and colleagues as a bulletin board. For their part, HR managers have in Exact Synergy a single point where they can carry out all their procedures and view all the information that employees enter in self-service. By integrating with Sage Control Schedule, they also have access to all the information regarding the hours worked, both full-time and part-time staff and overtime, in any shift.

Saas Cloud Solutions For HR With Analytics

Have you ever thought about all the time it takes to collect and manage all the data that the Exact Synergy and Sage Control Schedule do automatically? Well, the integration of these two solutions offers you much more. With all this data, you can create in Exact Synergy a file for each employee that includes all the information related to him, from hours worked to shifts, days off requested, leave, vacation dates.

Thanks to the Business Intelligence solution, QlikView, that has integrated, it is possible to analyze all this to know in-depth each worker, starting with their productivity, to successfully plan their professional career in line with the company’s objectives. This is how easy it is to design formations, the best shifts, the best teams, etc.

Sage Control Schedule is a SaaS solution from the Sage Cloud. Exact Synergy can be deployed at the customer’s premises (the only requirement is SQL Server) and consumed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and AWS (Amazon Web Services). With our expert professionals in Exact Synergy and Sage Control Schedule, your IT investment will be efficient, safe and profitable.

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