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DeFi NFT Projects To Watch For In 2022

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In the crypto retail arena, digital collectibles are sustainable on the blockchains, known as distributed ledgers, a new form of finance. Artists and retailers are interested in the real-value accumulation of virtual artworks and products sold on auction sites while observing the market explode. If there is real-value existence finance, it becomes significant by adding a higher value for collectible items. DeFi (decentralized finance) companies, such as Pulse and Aave, support NFTX and NFTs (nonfungible tokens) as the demand grows. DeFi and NFT are steadily taking over the world in popularity, with some of the top projects embracing decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens.

Here are DeFi NFT projects you should watch in 2022.

Hector Finance Project

Fantom Opera Chain builds use cases within the Hector Finance project’s ecosystem to provide value to their customers. It is a DeFi NFT project, 2022 must watch, while Hector is becoming multi-chain. Proceeds from the use cases are for buying and producing Hector tokens on the exchange.

Nano, for example, began changing the world in the way to make payments in 2015. Founder Colin LeMahieu created Nana by applying innovative technology, block-lattice that functions without mining tokens. Today, OKX lists the Nano price at $2.50 on

Positioning itself as a financial hub, Hector Finance is making transactions more efficient, faster, and simple, listing its native token on exchanges, such as Nano on OKX. You can manage your assets, lend, borrow, launch new projects, and earn interest within the Fantom ecosystem.

Alter State Machine Project

Watch Altered State Machine (ASM), a platform allowing anyone to use its technology for developing or training an artificial intelligent (AI) agent. You can create and sell art within the metaverse world. Represented by nonfungible tokens, they are inter-operable with platforms, such as OpenSea. ASM is changing the game of NFTs by using NPC agents in metaverse trading, gaming, and more.

With the company filing for a patent on its AI ML NFT model, its first game, AIFA Football, will be released soon. Owning their native token, $ASTO, Altered State Machine will use it for governance, training AI agents, minting NFTs, etc. The AIFA 3D characters and yield farming will be complete once protocol V2 is in its final creation stage.

Creaticles Project

Allowing you to make NFTs on a decentralized app platform is Creaticles. It will be the first nonfungible token request marketplace available on the Binance Smart Chain of its kind. Their decentralized platform is an Ethereum cross-chain featured on Binance Smart, Polygon, and other blockchains. You can use Creaticles native token, $CRTL for purchasing stakes or NFTs, and vote in governance elections. Creaticles launched its nonfungible token-drop program and its token distribution in October 2021.

As NFTs become more popular within the metaverse, watch for the Hector Finance, ASM, and Creaticles projects in 2022. Anyone can use the platforms to buy and sell artworks and products and place stakes. If you are into gaming, check out ASM’s AIFA Football.

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