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Tips To Limit The Impact Of Screens While Working From Home

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Over the long term, heavy exposure to screens can cause eye problems. Screen reflections and brightness create glare, whether reflected sunlight, room and office lights or light from the screen. Limiting this impact on the health of your eyes is essential, especially when working from home. To help you, here are seven tips to reduce the effect of screen glare when working remotely.

Move Your Computer According To The Time Of Day

The sun moves throughout the day, which means the brightness of the room you’re working in changes over the hours. Logically, it’s more complicated to work on your computer with daylight illuminating the screen behind you rather than staying in a shady corner. If you have the possibility, move your work desk according to the brightness, since the workstation often comes down to a laptop. However, other solutions are available if you cannot move or have the will to do so. Read on to know them.

Use Lower Brightness Bulbs

The room’s brightness should not dazzle the eyes, especially when this light is turned on in the evening. Prefer bulbs with 50 watts or more minor or LED lamps whose brightness remains relatively soft. No one feels comfortable when the lighting is white and bright, even less so in a home. This type of light may be suitable for waking up well or for light therapy, but it should be avoided for everyday light. Also, consider having several lamps with different intensities so that you can turn them on and off as needed.

Install A Day-Night Roller Blind

This advice is beneficial if you do not have the possibility of changing places with your computer. A roller blind is a great way to control the room’s brightness: you can open it halfway or fully, depending on the position of the sun and the time of day. If this option interests you, it is straightforward to install a roller blind at home. In addition, the choice of colors gives you great freedom for decoration.

Get Anti-Reflective Filters

Anti-reflective filters are widely used to protect the eyes from screens. They exist for computers, laptops or tablet screens, but also glasses. The objective is to push back the luminosity to avoid the glare due to the reflections of the screens. They are also considered essential for professionals working only on a computer, which is generally the case in telework. You can quickly get one online or in-store, depending on the filter you are looking for (see here for a comparison).

Adjust Screen Brightness

A detail that seems obvious but is still not a reflex for most of us. Whether with the mobile phone or the computer, it often happens to forget to decrease the brightness when the light around is weaker. While most cell phones today offer automatic brightness adjustment, this is often not the case with computers. So remember to check regularly during the day if the screen’s brightness is adequate.

Avoid Using The Phone During Breaks

You spend your day in front of your computer screen, and regular breaks are essential to release the pressure on the eyes and the mind. Thus, in this perspective of a relaxing break, it is wise to avoid using the mobile phone. Indeed, the pause will not benefit your eyes if you leave one screen to look at another. The ideal is to go out for some fresh air, listen to your favorite music or drink tea in the sun.

Work Early In The Morning or In The Evening

One last piece of advice that not everyone will necessarily be able to apply, but which may be suitable for some people: by working early in the morning, that is to say, when the sun is barely rising, you will not be dazzled by the light of the day. Same thing when working in the evening, when the sun goes down. In teleworking, you generally have the possibility of adapting your schedules and choosing your working times.

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