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Wi-Fi 6, 5G Hybrid Network Management For High-speed Connectivity

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In the digitization plans of organizations, communications are increasingly present. In this post, we propose scenarios for new technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 or 5G and the management of hybrid networks for high-speed connectivity that ensures the competitiveness of companies. Short of reaching the final milestone of the very high-speed Earth-to-Earth laser communication link project through the atmosphere that was a success last week, business networking technologies are evolving towards ever faster transmissions thanks to the emergence of new generations of existing technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 and 5G.

In the current framework of continuous increase in data traffic and the need for immediate access to them, wireless communication technologies are taking on an increasingly important role within the modernization strategies of the IT business architecture. Combined with other key technologies for business development, such as IoT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data, they are setting up an environment in which services, products, and data are consumed by an ecosystem of people, processes, and devices. They interact more and more agilely with each other.

Advantages Of Wi-Fi 6 And 5G Mobile Telephony

The rise of telecommuting during the pandemic highlighted the importance of having an effective and secure business IT network infrastructure. The growth of data exchange in the different fixed and mobile networks is continuous. In this environment, improvements in wireless technology drive it as a networking solution for companies with which to overcome the drawbacks of wired networks, allowing all types of mobile devices to collect information.

Both Wi-Fi 6 for companies and 5G technology expand the possibilities of wireless networks when it comes to optimizing the communication needs between people, processes, and machines. The new WiFi6 connectivity protocol improves efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. Provides more speed and capacity. But above all, its great value is that it allows you to send/receive data to and from several mobile devices simultaneously. In other words, this process is no longer done individually, causing processing queues.

The benefits of 5G for businesses primarily translate into shallow latency environments for critical application access and response. The transmission speed is estimated to be 10 to 100 times faster than 4G. Another key aspect is that their antennas are lower and more directional, which means they are more flexible. Its coverage capacity increases considerably, reaching, according to some studies, to serve a thousand devices per m².

Another advantage of 5G is that it increases the possibilities of dividing the network so that many virtual networks can be run on a single system. This allows a more significant number of complex applications to be launched from the same signal simultaneously, which is key to deploying IoT and distributed Edge Computing data centers.

Wireless Network Management

The business IT network infrastructure, whatever its nature, demands continuous monitoring to detect gaps and connection failures that impact the quality of services and business applications. You must monitor everything from Internet access speeds to device port capacities, the status of Wi-Fi and mobile telephony communication deployments, firewalls, corporate security policies, and legislative compliance.

In IT network management, the appearance of SDN Software Defined Network solutions has marked a before and after. These allow centralized control from a single interface. The Cisco Meraki cloud networking solution is among the most popular wireless communications. It is a business Wi-Fi cloud solution that allows comprehensive management of wireless networks, switching, security, and mobile device management centrally and from the cloud.

Managed Network Services To Ensure High-quality Communications

Today it is difficult for companies to have specialists in networks and communications with advanced knowledge to manage hybrid infrastructures and multi-cloud environments. The contracting of external IT management services is a solution that solves the lack of experts in networks and communications in companies and internal IT teams.

We propose to be your only IT interlocutor; we take care of everything, from managing Internet access with the corporate provider to managing the day-to-day network and recommending improvements to maximize the performance of IT resources.

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