What Is The SAP Software Package

Definition Of The SAP Software Package

With nearly 200,000 customers worldwide, SAP SE (formerly SAP AG) is the leading publisher of software solutions for business management. Unlike many of its competitors, the German firm has experienced organic growth and has only a few takeovers of startups to its credit. Although a large part of its clientele consists of very large accounts, SAP SE has made huge gains in the SME market, notably with its Business All-in-One, Business By Design and Business One solutions.

SAP SE offers a wide range of applications for enterprise resource management, particularly in the context of customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, talent management, product lifecycle management, and supply chain management. The German company also has an extensive partnership network that enables it to offer unique integration and personalization offers for specific markets.

In addition to its ERP products, SAP also offers several business analysis applications as part of its BusinessObjects product line. The BusinessObjects product line is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable acquisitions that SAP SE announced in 2007. This acquisition has positioned the publisher among the world leaders in Business Intelligence with IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft. This product range has also strengthened its position thanks to recent innovations such as SAP HANA. Unlike other databases that store data on the hard drive, SAP HANA saves it in RAM to execute queries from multiple data sources in real-time.

Why  Use An ERP

The advantages of ERP over traditional management methods are quite obvious: the company that uses an ERP can standardize its services and centralize its processing of information from a single database. For example, any information entered on an order form in the accounting department is visible to all the departments concerned by this operation.

Thus, there will no longer be any risk of data redundancy between the departments, the information is displayed in real-time on the workstations of all the employees concerned. As a result, the company greatly improves the coordination between its departments while reducing the time required to report information. Also, the publication of financial or logistical information is done in real-time, because all the data is available to all employees.

The Specific Advantages Of The SAP Software Package

Around 200,000 companies worldwide use the intelligent solution that is SAP in their daily operations. However, many employees in these companies do not yet realize the extent of the benefits and functionality offered by the SAP software package. However, this lack of knowledge becomes an obstacle that prevents organizations from managing all business operations much more effectively. In any case, business leaders and decision-makers mustn’t underestimate the benefits that SAP ERP software can bring them.

  • A Role-Based Approach: A personalized role for each employee, allowing him to quickly and easily access only data and transactions concerning him, via various access terminals. Indeed, each user will have their identifiers and will be limited to the settings made on their account beforehand. For example, a payroll manager will not be able to access business data. This approach allows data to be partitioned and maintains confidentiality in the information system.
  • The Use Of Advanced Information Collection Technologies: like SAP HANA, SAP data processing tools allow better integration of all data sources.
  • Reduced Operating Costs Thanks To Increased Flexibility: SAP relies on the company’s service architecture to improve the standardization, efficiency, and adaptability of its processes. It allows the organization to share its information and collaborative functions with other communities.

Better Control Of Management Processes

Thanks to SAP ERP, companies can perfectly control each of their daily management processes. The availability in real-time the information allows, for example, the realization of preliminary cost calculations, the evaluation of a manufacturing process thanks to better management of materials, or even the estimation of the final costs of production. The same goes for estimating the resources needed for production, such as the allocated human resources, materials, and raw materials.

However, be aware that the SAP suite does not offer standard conversion management functionality or document printing. For example, it is not possible to convert documents into a standard format, just as the SAP suite does not manage the distribution of business cards including forms as standard. To carry out these various tasks autonomously, companies must get in touch with SAP integrators or SAP TMA specialists such as the Codilog agency, who will develop additional tools or functionalities as a result.

Finally, note that SAP provides more than 140 standard project system reports for business project management. The flexibility of the suite and its full commercial integration make it a versatile system to meet the needs of project managers and project accountants.

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