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What Is Marketing Automation And What Are The Advantages

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As you have surely noticed, marketing consists of many small repetitive actions like writing and sending emails, checking the numbers. What if it was possible to get rid of all these tasks which can quickly become laborious? We, therefore, present to your marketing automation, a tool that can surely meet your expectations.

What Is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the use of software to automate a set of repetitive actions. These typically include emails, social media activity, and other actions taken on websites.

Whether it’s a welcome email after creating an account, a thank you email after a purchase, an email to wish your customers a happy birthday, these actions are triggered afterward. Certain behavior on the part of your customers or prospects. Marketing automation doesn’t just stop with emails, although that is its most common use.

In B2B marketing, the tool is mainly used to automate marketing e-mail campaigns to recruit qualified prospects and to support them throughout their purchasing journey.

How Does It Work

The system is based on user behavior to categorize them according to criteria and scenarios to send them targeted messages.

Internet users’ behavior can be assessed in several ways: by analyzing their browsing on the website, their reaction to your email, or their behavior about your publications on the networks. Depending on the behavior of Internet users, the marketing content will be adapted using the software.

What happens next depends on your goals. Several actions are possible thanks to marketing automation. Some systems allow you to set up automated links with networks, by inviting a customer who has uploaded content to your site to follow you on LinkedIn, for example.

In the context of a long sales cycle, lead nurturing campaigns are often set up which consists of supplying the prospect with relevant information to support him throughout the buying process.

Another concept that you might find useful to know about is progressive profiling. Indeed, marketing automation makes it possible to constantly feed the information that you have on Internet users to identify them gradually.

What Are The Advantages

The result of good use of marketing automation is, first of all, a saving of time and efficiency which can be beneficial to you. Getting rid of the repetitive tasks that annoy you daily is an undeniable advantage.

Thanks to the study of the behavior of prospects, you will be able to better identify them and contact them at the best time and thus put all the chances on your side to convert them into customers.

Generally, marketing automation can also increase revenues. Thanks to automation, you will no longer choose your leads thanks to your intuition, but thanks to a study of their behavior. You will, therefore, have a better ROI from the actions you take towards your customers and prospects.

Why Integrate Marketing Automation Into Your Marketing Strategy

Just think about how much profit you can get from it. This tool has many advantages.

Still, think about it before you jump into marketing automation. The usefulness of this approach depends on what you are looking for and obviously on your activity.

Also, consider adopting the use of this automation to your needs. There are many software programs with different functionalities to help you set up marketing automation. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

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