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What Is Inbound Marketing OR Attraction Marketing

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The inbound marketing or marketing Attraction includes all those commercial techniques that try to attract the customer, instead of assaulting him with an offer. It may be more expensive to develop (on a temporary level) than outbound marketing or traditional marketing, but in the long term, it is cheaper.

Besides, one of the main advantages of inbound marketing is that it is the client himself who searches for the product or service. This supposes an increase in the conversion ratio since our brand is positioned as a specialist in the matter and the client is already predisposed to hiring.

What Is Inbound Marketing (OR) Attraction Marketing

For some years, marketing has become a fundamental pillar in any business, company, or brand, no matter how small. This is why it is so important to know each term well and to handle it correctly.

With this strategy, the company does not go after the customer annoyingly or compulsorily, quite the contrary. It is about easily attracting the public. When consumer habits changed, brands had to work based on generating valuable content that generates empathy in the audience.

How Does This Inbound Marketing Work

  • Attract: The company must make them know the services or products offered by taking customers to their blog, website, or social networks.
  • Convert: This is about visits turning into sales. Visitors’ data can be requested through questionnaires, forms, etc., to convert them into future clients.
  • Close: In this part, the company supports the purchase cycle with a good integration of leads and administration. Tools like CRM are used.
  • Delight: Customer loyalty is the final part, but not least. Customers must remain active and brand loyal after the first purchase.

The Central Element

The marketing of attraction has something very important and creating content. Hence, it is sometimes identified with content marketing. It is what supports the entire strategy and it is what will contribute that will engage the audience.

Social networks and blogs are the ideal channels to publish content since the public will feel quickly identified. Inbound marketing is based on a strategy to capture the attention of customers by publishing quality content. And that content can be images, videos, articles, infographics, designs, etc.

The Algorithm Formula

SEO is part of the strategy of inbound marketing and relates to all these factors that have to do with the algorithms of Google. SEO directly influences the position of the post after a search.

In SEO some factors take center stage. For example, the content structure, the form of the web, or how the titles are labeled. The inbound links from other sites and those who go to other websites also play an important role.

The organic positioning of any page or blog is essential for attraction marketing to fulfill its mission. The brand must be positioned among the first places in searches to get visits.

The Importance Of Social Networks

When a brand gives more visibility and movement to their social networks, the result begins to be seen quickly. The marketing social media is imbued with all those methods that achieve virtualizer content through digital platforms. And its main objective is to generate more traffic.

In this strategy, the actions taken by marketing professionals ( action calls ) and the actions carried out by the users themselves go hand in hand. If users reach the blog or the social network through a search, find them attractive, and share the content, the objectives were met.

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

It is very common to hear about both concepts. Outbound marketing is the name given to the marketing tradition. The one that interrupts the user to get attention.

The outbound marketing is not dead, it is still used by some companies even though it certainly is not as popular as some years ago. And it is that the appearance of blogs, social networks, and other digital platforms left in the background of traditional media such as radio or television.

It should be noted that an inbound marketing campaign is usually much cheaper than an outbound marketing campaign. In return, its effectiveness is evident in the longer term.

So it is convenient to combine both strategies within the company’s marketing plan . The outbound marketing will provide the push you need to the beginning of the project and in each specific campaign, while inbound marketing will provide the strength and presence that requires a healthy company.

Advantages Of Doing Inbound Marketing

The benefits of attraction marketing are very broad, but these three can be highlighted:

  • The Results Are Stable And Measurable: Because digital tools enable monitoring, it is possible to continuously measure results and make necessary changes, if they need to be made.
  • Low Budget: It is within the budget of a small company, as well as a large one. Inbound marketing strategies are usually very cheap.
  • It Allows Creating A Company From Scratch: You can build a strong brand in no time without spending large amounts of money. Only good marketing strategies should be applied.

Today, businesses have at their fingertips the tools they need to position themselves as the best in their field. Simply draw a strategy marketing right, where the marketing of attraction or inbound marketing plays a key role.

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