What Is A Dedicated Server? Top 5 Advantages Of Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is a robust hosting platform that offers immense power and flexible plans. It is one of the most demandable and top-notch hosting plans for the site owners. USA Dedicated Server is best for the business person who wishes for a large scale business. But you need to do reliable research for a perfect web hosting provider before buying any hosting solution for your site hosting.

Dedicated Server in USA is best in every aspect that offers an array of resources for powerful site performance. As you may be aware of the fact that for the startups and beginners business, Shared hosting is one of the best choices as it offers enough resources to start your business at an affordable price. Apart from this, VPS is best to handle the small to large scale businesses but fails to manage websites’ high traffic. Hence the choice left to explore your business among the maximum audience is Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server offers the High bandwidth, massive storage, powerful performance, advanced security, 100% uptime, and much more within the cost, you can’t deny buying. However, the Dedicated Server USA is a great option to deal with for your business hosting. It is totally worth the money to invest in such a blazing fast and advanced Server that offers a broad range of services at an affordable price.

Why Do You Require A Dedicated Server?

Apart from the number of resources that a Dedicated Server Hosting offers for hosting your site, it is a perfect server to host your server. You will require a dedicated server USA for a number of reasons. Let’s review some top reasons why it is a one-stop solution for your site hosting.

Handle Large Traffic With A Growing Business

When you choose the shared or VPS server for your site hosting at the initial stage, it is the best plan. VPS is best to choose that provides dedicated resources at an affordable price. But with your growing business, VPS can’t be able to handle large traffic on the website. Hence, a dedicated server comes to accomplish your business needs.

Security Is One Of The Concern

Security is one of the reasons why one should have to choose Dedicated Server USA. With a Dedicated Server Hosting USA, you get the standard and advanced security measures, such as Serversecure advanced security and standard DDoS protection. These security measures help to protect your site from unauthorized access and againsṭ malicious websites.

For The Optimal Page Loading Time

You will get the world-class resources with top-notch hosting software to host your websites on a robust server. It will result in optimal server performance and provide you an excellent end-user experience to use a dedicated server’s services.

For The Complete Control Over Your Server

You get the full root-level control in your hands with the dedicated server. It benefits you in many ways. You can self manage your server configurations. You are also authorized to install, delete, distribute, and remove any applications from the server.

Top 5 Benefits Of Dedicated Server

Unmetered Bandwidth:

You get the highest unmetered bandwidth with the best-dedicated server USA. High bandwidth helps to get rich with the maximum audience with ease. Also, provide endless network reliability to host your website on a dedicated platform. Enjoy the advantage of unmetered bandwidth at reasonable plans with dedicated server USA.

In-house Maintenance:

With the cheap dedicated server USA, you get the in-house maintenance services around the clock for the optimal site performance. What happens when you are stuck with some technical issues, and you can’t help to fix them? At the moment, a dedicated server provider helps to troubleshoot your technical issues and provide you 24*7 support. It helps to work without interruptions continuously and results in outstanding results.

Ease In Setup:

Just set up your website on our dedicated server only in a single click. Our experts and professionals are always sitting near to you to help you at every step. Our team is still passionate about guiding you and providing every possible solution for rapid business growth. Therefore, get the blazing fast speed and highest uptime with our secure Dedicated Server USA plans. Easy Setup results in fast and flexible site performance.

Dedicated Resources:

Dedicated Server Hosting USA is best, and state of the art server hosting best provides the numbers of reliable resources for your site hosting. The dedicated services are the top-most reason to choose this for hosting a large scale business like an e-commerce website. You get the high RAM, high Bandwidth, Standard Security, Best network efficiency, round the clock support, and much more with a dedicated server. Enjoy dedicated services on your budget and give your business a new direction towards success.


With a dedicated server in the USA, you get the complete customization over the server in your hands. It means you can easily customize your servers’ resources, such as CPU, disk space, RAM, and software according to your site requirements and needs. Dedicated Server helps you to change your hosting platforms. Also, you can choose the operating system for hosting your site that helps in handling the large and different projects with ease.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plan Price List

Dedicated Server plans vary from other plans. It completely depends on you which package you opt for hosting your website. USA Dedicated Server offers different plans according to monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You can go through the first-month plan in which you get the High RAM, bandwidth, storage, and much more on a cost-effective price range.

Cheap Dedicated Server in USA
(First Month Plan)

Intel Xeon E3-1220
4 Cores x 3.20 Ghz
32 GB DDR310 TB500 GB HDD$55.00
Dual Xeon L5520
8 Cores x 2.26 Ghz
96 GB DDR310 TB1 TB HDD$85.00
Intel Xeon E3-1220 V5
4 Cores x 3.00 GHz
64 GB DDR350 TB4 TB HDD$105.00
Dual Xeon E5-2630L
12 Cores x 2.0 GHz
64 GB DDR3100 TB1 TB HDD$125.00
Intel Xeon E3-1220 V5
4 Cores x 3.00 GHz
64 GB DDR3150 TB1 TB SSD$145.00

Why Choose Serverwala For Dedicated Server

The best provider is the key to success or every business person and site owners. For owning or running a large scale business, a strong hosting platform with a large number of resource availability must be needed. A wrong decision can ruin your business as well as your carrier too. Also, adversely affect your business reputation in the web hosting market. Hence the dedicated server USA comes to fulfill your dreams of a large, well-established business.

You can enjoy the number of benefits from the cheap dedicated server USA hosting at an affordable price. Server Wala accomplishes your business demands beyond your expectations. With a Server wala dedicated server, you can mold your business in such a way that it rapidly moves towards the direction of success. Server Wala is the best that offers a reasonable price for all his dedicated services.

Also, it provides the number of services for hosting your site on an extensive dedicated server. Here have a look at some of the top services that server wala provides:

  • 24*7 hour instant assistance
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Dedicated resources to build your brand
  • Best for the large scale businesses
  • Easily handle the high traffic websites
  • Best storage spaces
  • Standard and advanced security
  • A huge backup storage device


Dedicated Server is an ideal choice for the business person for their extensive website. As it comes with a huge number of benefits and reliable services that anyone can easily afford. It is quite more expensive than VPS and Shared Hosting, but totally worth the money. You can easily generate more revenue from your business by hosting your site on a dedicated server.

Hence, you can’t regret your choice and benefit from unmetered bandwidth and high uptime with a dedicated server USA. Also, host the site of your ultimate choice of the operating system.

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