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What Is 5G Technology

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Mobile technology has been developed to create 5G technology, it brings great advantages over its predecessor 4G and 4G + in aspects such as speed or latency.
The 5G network is up to 100 times faster than current networks and enables the implementation of the Internet of Things in buildings, cars, machines, and household appliances.
The fifth generation of mobile technologies promises to make the futuristic vision of movies from the 90s come true, although it still does not make flying cars possible.
Implementing 5G is not as simple as it may seem, it needs a nationwide distribution network to be created or restructured.
This 5G distribution infrastructure is the biggest drawback since it carries a high cost to expand the infrastructure and the communication towers, with technology from Huawei and Ericsson, to expand coverage.

The Arrival Of 5G

To distribute 5G it is necessary to buy a frequency band that is currently used for other media.
At this point, the agreement of Europe has been key when choosing the same frequency for 5G, this is the only way to guarantee the connection between countries.
The frequency bands chosen to distribute 5G are: the 700MHz band that is intended to be released and auctioned throughout 2019, the 1500 MHz band, the 2600 MHz band that will be used as a compliment since it is the one used for 4G, and the 3500MHz band that is divided into almost equal parts for Movistar, Vodafone, Mas Movil and Orange, with the latter taking the largest part With these data, it is expected that 5G will arrive in Spain in 2020, although several operators have already started the deployment and installation of the network and allow their clients to use the network at certain points in the territory.

Other operators have started testing in cities or specific points, for example, Movistar has launched 5G in Segovia and Talavera as a test, and Orange and MásMóvil are testing 5G and its infrastructures at its facilities.
In the same way that Vodafone has done, the rest of the companies are expected to start distributing 5G in the most populated areas to reach the majority of the population and subsequently expand the network to cover the entire territory.

The Advantages Of 5G

The implementation of the latest mobile technology represents important advantages over its predecessors. The main advantages of 5G are:
• Higher data transfer speed
• Greater bandwidth
• Reduce network consumption
• Improved latency
• More devices connected to the network at the same time without losing speed
All this results in a smoother, faster, and more efficient Internet connection. Furthermore, the main advantage of implementing 5G is that it makes the Internet of Things (IoT) possible.
5G allows devices to connect, taking the Internet to cars, household appliances, homes … to automate their operation and control them telematically, and they can also exchange information improving connectivity.

5G Compatible Mobile Terminals

5G is already a reality and in the coming years, it will be part of our daily life in almost any part of Spain and Europe. To enjoy the speed of 5G it is necessary to have a compatible mobile device, current mobiles do not receive the 5G signal.
The list of mobile phones with 5G is:
• Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G
• Huawei Mate X
• Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
• OnePlus 5G
• LG V50 ThinQ 5G
• Oppo Find x 5G
The price of these terminals with 5G is somewhat higher than current mobiles since they have a superior capacity to guarantee good user experience.
Many users wonder if the battery consumption will be greater with 5G, the answer is yes, although the use of 5G does not consume more battery, the terminals will have to switch between 4G and 5G networks, which means more expense. As 5G spreads, this problem will be solved.
Another disadvantage of the current situation is that the number of mobile gigabytes included in most rates is not enough, the user of 5G would consume them much faster. This indicates that the GB is going to be cheaper and the mobile rates will have unlimited gigabytes.

Differences Between 4G And 5G

The mobile technology immediately before 5G is 4G and 4G +, the entry of the new connection offers important differences compared to its predecessor
The move from 4G to 5G will mean changes in the way you connect to the Internet and interact with everyday elements, this change is one of the most advanced for the end-user, although the steps are taken so far also have been significant.
2G was the first mobile technology, it allowed sending SMS. 3G was the next step and offered the possibility of having an Internet connection outside the home or a WiFi network. With 4G, video content was added and the connection was improved.

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