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What Are The Social Network Good For Business

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In this post, we intend to show you a small guide about social networks, the most popular, of course, because there are countless networks, many of which are not known. But, what use should we give to each of the networks.

The first mistake to avoid if you are a company, and you decide to bet on entering social networks, is to treat them all the same, with the same content, at the same time, on the same day. Error, each social network has its peculiarities.

We must not forget one fundamental thing, which is common to all social networks, it is a very effective channel to maintain fluid and informal communication with your consumers. Whether you like them more or you like them less, we must recognize that as a communicating glass they are perfect thanks to the environment in which they are used, and the ease of being able to do it on various devices.


What can we say about Facebook that you don’t already know? It is the social network par excellence, the one with the most users in the world. It serves to teach the world what you want them to see, right? Indeed it is, and as a company, what I want to show. The key will be the capture of traffic that directs to your website, and how to do it is the question. You must display content that is of interest to your target audience. Tips, blog articles that solve your doubts or problems, or your quality audiovisual content, which manages to intrigue those who see it.

Remember that all your content must be adapted to your product and the target audience, from which you can prospect through Market Research (IM) techniques and keep track of the statistics that Facebook provides you.

Facebook is the social network that most allows you to diversify your objective because you can try to achieve sales, notoriety, create a community, make a brand, and a long that will make you use social networks differently.


In this social network, we must take into consideration a data that is not shown and that many people do not know, there is a high percentage of Twitter accounts that are false, inactive, business or entertainment, in short, many junk accounts that are not useful for nothing, just to lose your investment. Therefore, the first advice that we give you is not to invest money in this social network, unless you are a large company to which a few thousand euros do not mean anything.

Investments aside, Twitter has been relegated to a utility for companies. Communicate with immediacy events or specific actions that have a short period. In addition to trying to be another way of attracting traffic for your website.

It is very useful if you carry out advertising actions with influencers, since before the “famous” or “juicy” news, thanks to the RT they are extended to thousands of people.


We enter the network where the term “posture” is taken to its maximum expression. The climax of the posture is in this social network, above the others that also have their part.

Well, posture aside, Instagram is one of the social networks that are based solely on audiovisual content, where your priority is to upload creative, original, and high-quality photos. If you want to sell your products through this network, you should find the most suitable feed for your audience and a photography model that enhances the virtues of the product, for example, showing its various uses or different moments of consumption.

Also, you have the opportunity to sell your products through “Instagram stories”, where you will get a greater reach and maybe a higher sales conversion.


We arrive at a social network whose interface, usability, and functions are completely different from those already mentioned. It is organized into thematic walls, and within each wall, there are hundreds of “pins”, which are the elements that you upload to the social network. You can follow people, save isolated pins or walls, etc.

Its content is based on the audiovisual, quite similar to Instagram, but with a somewhat more professional and less posturing profile. Widely used by companies in the fashion sector, weddings, accessories, and beads, etc. It has the particularity of being called the social network for women, due to the high number of registered female persons (80%), a fact to take into account depending on who your target audience is.


Another element of the omnichannel with which we intend to attract our users. Despite being 13 years old, it is still on the rise and does not seem to stop, at least in the short term. We all know YouTube, a platform to upload and watch videos about all kinds of topics. It is a channel that we must take advantage of if we have audiovisual content that helps users.


The social network is considered rather as the main employment portal. Publications are always aimed at adding value to professionals, through articles or opinions about your sector of activity. It is also useful to communicate professional events or find out about them. And without a doubt, its main function as a talent recruiter if you are looking for personnel to incorporate.

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