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Why Use A VPN For Streaming?

Why Use A VPN For Streaming?

You’ve probably heard of a VPN being fantastic for security and “anonymity” online. That’s fine, it’s wonderful, but everyone knows the real advantage of a VPN is unlocking geo-blocked content.

If you’re a Netflix fanatic running low on shows to enjoy, don’t fret. Let’s discuss why you should use a VPN for streaming.

Here’s the answer to why use a VPN for streaming:

While Abroad

1. News Coverage

The main reason you should use a VPN for streaming while abroad is to keep up with your local news. Local news websites are often geo-locked, especially if they have videos or are tied to a TV station.

UK-natives can watch BBC News live while abroad by utilizing a VPN, for example.

2. Netflix Catchup

Are you invested in a show that’s only on your home country’s Netflix? Why should you let a work trip or vacation stop your binge?

Set your virtual location to your home country and continue your Netflix watching any time you wish.

At Home

1. Netflix And Amazon Prime

At home, you have the opposite problem. Your library is stale, you’ve seen every good show and movie on there.

Now you need a Netflix library with 1,000-ish more shows and movies to watch—perhaps something from the top 10 global Netflix libraries.

People in smaller and European countries will greatly benefit from access to US and UK Netflix—those wanting to learn English especially. Watching media in your desired language is a fantastic learning tool!

As for US and UK natives, having access to each others’ libraries is fantastic. There’s lots of BBC and ITV content on US Netflix that isn’t on UK Netflix. Meanwhile, UK Netflix has US shows that US Netflix lacks.

Similar to above, many Amazon Prime Video libraries are highly varied and different. You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to watch another country’s library, but in some cases, it’s worth it.

2. More Streaming Sites

Some streaming sites are geo-locked overall. Hulu is US-only, so why not use a virtual location to access it?

However, some of these websites will require use of a US (or the appropriate location) credit card to sign up to the service. This is what overseas friends are for, right? Give them the funds and ask them to give you a subscription to your desired choice.

3 World News

You can stream videos and channels all over the world to keep up with news in other countries. If you have family or friends internationally, this is excellent. Or, if another country’s politics just fascinates you, watch things unravel in real-time.

The Best VPN For Streaming

The best VPN for streaming needs to be fast, have thousands of servers in many countries, and unblock lots of streaming sites.

NordVPN is a market leader and hits the criteria above nicely. It’s one of your many options but it’s the one we recommend. You can get this VPN anywhere in the world, to unlock the rest of the globe.

VPN For Streaming: A Summary

There are plenty of reasons you can use a VPN for streaming at home and abroad—some for entertainment, and some for being news-savvy.

If you’re an avid media-consumer, a VPN will eventually become a tool you can’t live without.

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