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Visual Planning Software To Optimize HR Management

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With the all-out development of digital predominance, companies must update their practices to remain competitive. In the past, a simple Excel spreadsheet could be enough to organize schedules. Still, in a world where flexibility and responsiveness are essential, it was high time that we offered planning software, allowing HR to streamline their work. And employees to facilitate their organization.

With Visual Planning, companies now have a versatile and erasing tool that allows you to connect and easily manage all of their resources. From site monitoring to the organization of training schedules through maintenance planning, this is a genuinely holistic tool that automates many tasks and therefore saves time and money. Money but above all is an essential tool for the HR department. Explanations.

Human Resources, An Essential Service In The Organization Of The Company

The human resources department is the real keystone of business success. Therefore, this essential component of hierarchical functioning must have, at its disposal, a powerful tool to succeed in its organizing mission. For example, they need to follow specific information concerning each employee, such as the hours worked, the skills, the training has taken, or the company’s length of service.

It is also interesting to be able to count on planning software such as Visual Planning to monitor individual performance and to be able to act when necessary. This data makes it possible to initiate the necessary training processes or manage positions according to the skills of each employee. Finally, HR software also makes it possible to provide clear reports on the objectives to be achieved or the expenses generated by a given action implemented.

Making HR Work More Comfortable In Software

Thanks to Visual Planning, the HR department can thus automate the dissemination of information. For example, it allows you to create precise schedules to inform everyone about their role. We can check the availability, the level of skills, or even the administrative follow-up of each employee and, therefore, launch specific procedures to improve the company’s overall functioning. An essential tool to increase responsiveness and, therefore, the success of the company.

Visual Planning also facilitates the coordination work of the employees of the HR department. From the platform, it is thus possible to define specific management “constraints,” consult the employee file according to predefined filters or even manage access to the information of those concerned. Visual Planning also allows you to anticipate the impact of changes in hiring activities through the use of indicators specific to your professional field.

The Benefits Of Planning Software For Employees

If Visual Planning is above all a planning software for use by management teams, and in particular the HR department, it is also very interesting for the average employee. Indeed, the platform allows him to inform management in real-time on his task’s progress while noting the number of hours worked. It also facilitates the calculation of overtime, which is essential for respecting workers’ rights.

Visual Planning is also an organizational facilitator. Thanks to access to the VP Portal module, the employee can obtain information from a distance about his weekly or monthly schedule. This then allows him to build a tailor-made schedule organization, adapting to the objectives assigned to him. Better still, Visual Planning is also a communication tool that allows, through all media, to share its Planning and offer more coherence to the collective effort.

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