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What Impact Can Integrating A Visual Assistance Solution Into A CRM

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The integration into Zendesk, one of the most renowned customer service platforms, of a visual assistance solution imagined by Vibe makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the customer relationship. By adopting it, a business can improve its customer relationship management strategy. In other words, what we call today, using an acronym, in English, CRM (“Customer relationship management”).

The Integration Of A Visual Assistance Solution For Greater Customer Satisfaction

Startup at the forefront of innovation, Vibe has developed a powerful video assistance system. Its visual assistance solutions integrate with platforms like Zendesk, which provides businesses worldwide with customer service software. The Zendesk platform already offered its customers the most varied means to reach after-sales service. The assistance could indeed go through the telephone, a messaging system, or an online conversation. This system indeed allows more excellent proximity with the customer.

In addition, this one is better able to explain the problem which it encounters. This visual aid also helps technicians to refine their diagnoses. This makes it easier for them to give concrete indications to customers. Likewise, they can show them what to do to solve specific problems. So technicians travel less often to customers’ homes. These less frequent interventions allow companies to save money.

Better Indicators

By enabling more positive customer feedback, integrating a visual assistance solution is a key element in the successful development of a business. This is the case with the first contact resolution rate, or RPC, called “first contact resolution,” or FCR. As its name suggests, this indicator measures the proportion of support requests that receive a solution from the first contact. The development of alternative tools for technical support, such as this visual assistance solution, results in a significant increase in the first contact resolution rate.

The integration of a visual assistance solution also influences the “net promoter score,” or NPS. This indicator makes it possible to assess the degree of customer satisfaction and their intention to remain loyal to the company. The contribution of this visual support leads to a considerable progression of this indicator. Indeed, entrepreneurs realize that more satisfied customers tend to become ambassadors for the company thanks to its introduction.

An Enrichment Of The Ticketing System

To optimize the performance of your business thanks to a well-designed CRM, it is therefore essential to add a visual assistance solution. The ticket designates a customer relationship management tool. It records each complaint and each request for information. Designed for this purpose, the software centralizes all tickets in one place. This makes it easier for the customer to monitor the follow-up of his request.

However, the integration of a visual assistance solution makes it possible to enrich the content of tickets. If the visual aid allows the technician to provide more special assistance to the customer, it also gathers additional information on his needs and profile. This innovative assistance solution allows the company to kill two birds with one stone: it improves customer service and contributes to the company’s growth.

Designed by startup Vibe and integrated with customer service platforms like Zendesk, an innovative visual assistance system can only drive companies that adopt it. By giving an additional dimension to the contact between customer and technician, this device reinforces the effectiveness of the intervention and increases customer satisfaction. Thus, integrating a visual assistance solution with a CRM, in other words with a customer relationship management system, is one of the best ways to boost the performance of your business.

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