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Recover Your Virtual Machine From VirtualBox

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In these times, many users are launching to test different operating systems on their computers. This is something that can be done traditionally, or by using virtual machines in programs like VirtualBox, for example.

And it is that either out of curiosity, professional subjects, or simply to acquire knowledge, many use these solutions in particular. As many of you may already know, these programs will be very useful to us in these tasks that we refer to.

What Is A Virtual Machine

In this way we have the possibility of installing and testing various operating systems on the main one, that is, virtually. As you can imagine, this allows us to install and use Linux distributions on different virtual machines, using these programs. That is something that, for example, we can do from our Windows computer, all without affecting its operation.

Of course, we must bear in mind that all this will require us to reserve a certain amount of space on the hard drive, space that the main system will not be able to use. At the same time, we must know that we are virtualizing a complete operating system, with all its functions, which has significant consumption of PC resources. But once we know all this, to say that the utility that programs like the aforementioned VirtualBox that you can download from this link offer us, is a lot.

So we can use and test, without any problem or danger, all kinds of operating systems and programs in them, without affecting the main system. But of course, due to the freedom that all this presents us, in the same way, certain operating problems can occur. For example, let’s say these virtual machines are widely used to test potentially dangerous programs. Thus, by installing and executing them in a virtual operating system, we prevent all of this from actually damaging the main system of the computer.

How To Create VirtualBox

But of course, at the same time, what can be damaged, for this or other reasons, is the virtual machine that we have created. Thus, just as it happens in the Windows that we normally use on the PC, the virtual one can stop working or start.

This can be due to multiple reasons, so we would have to start again from scratch with that virtual machine. This is a waste of time and work, but we are going to show you an alternative solution. For this, we can use the functionality called snapshot or snapshot in VirtualBox. This is something that we are going to achieve from the Machine.

With this what we achieve is to save the current state of our virtual machine. Thus, in the event of a disaster that does not allow us to access it in the future, we can return to that point. It is logical to think that with this simple step, we avoid having to create and install the damaged virtual system from scratch. Therefore we could say that it is something similar to keeping a backup copy of it. Of course, this will not require additional disk space.

At the same time, we will have the possibility of saving multiple states or snapshots of the same virtual machine. Therefore, for this, the first thing we do is access the menu option that we mentioned. Then a window will appear in which we customize that snapshot that we are going to create.

It is worth mentioning that to create that snapshot or snapshot, we just have to assign a representative name to it. At the same time, something that will be very useful to us, we can type a description of it. This will be very useful if we plan to create several snapshots of that same virtual machine since it will help us to recover it more quickly.

So, as it is easy to imagine, this is a useful function that is very helpful and will save us a good amount of time and work, if there is a big problem in the virtual machine.

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