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Vibration Technology To Enhance Your Workouts

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Whole-body vibration may seem like a scary concept, but it can offer many health and fitness benefits. With this technique, you stand, sit or lie on a machine with a vibrating platform. As the machine vibrates, it communicates vitality to your body, constraining your muscles to contract and unwind again and again. You can usually find these in the gym, or you might want to purchase one for yourself. During a 30 minute session, you can burn anywhere between 200 – 500 calories!

In this digital era, investing in new technology for exercise could be exactly what you need. People want quick results with little effort, and with technology involved, they may be able to achieve this.

Fitness trends, like any other trends, will always come and go. We have technology now that we didn’t have a year ago, and this is constantly being updated! Some of the most popular fitness trends using new technology include the following:

Wearable Gadgets

We’re talking about smart watches and tracking equipment. Back in the day, you may have had one piece of equipment that counts your steps, and this was revolutionary at the time! The idea of having a device that could not only count steps but also track your calories, record your sleep and measure your BMI seemed unheard of!

Ice Chambers

The use of ice chambers may seem a little bit strange, but the results don’t lie. Otherwise known as cryotherapy, this technique may be used to treat a variety of muscle tissue problems. The application of extremely low temperatures destroys abnormal or diseased tissue and is used most commonly to treat skin conditions. Cryotherapy is also used to ease muscle pain, sprains and swelling after soft tissue damage, which is what makes it so popular with athletes.

Massage Equipment

In the form of foam rollers, massage guns and massage balls, equipment for muscle recovery has become widely popular. These products promote myofascial release, which is basically a technique of applying pressure to the muscles to increase blood flow to the area. There are many different variations of massage products, and vibration technology is now being added to massage equipment to give a deeper and more effective massage.

Pulseroll offers a range of vibrating recovery tools. Vibration technology in these products means they essentially do the hard work for you! For example, with a standard foam roller you’ll need to physically roll back and forth which can feel like a workout in itself, whereas a vibrating foam roller means there’s less need to physically roll as the combination of pressure and vibration is enough to get deep into the muscle tissue. This can have many benefits and positive effects on the body including increased flexibility, improved mobility and reduced DOMS.

So with the correct equipment and a realistic routine, vibration technology can be a great addition to enhance your workouts.

With new technological developments being released all the time, we look forward to witnessing how technology can further improve the fitness industry.

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