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TripAdvisor Reviews Tips To Improve Them And Attract More Customers

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The Opinions on social networks and platforms such as TripAdvisor can be a complaint or a reason for rejection of new customers. Having good opinions on Trip Advisor will increase the sales and reputation of your business, and therefore, you will be able to build customer loyalty.

How To Get More And Better Opinions On Trip Advisor

There is no doubt that the Internet and social media reviews have revolutionized business life. These affect your reputation and, therefore, your sales. Well, here are some practical ideas to improve opinions on TripAdvisor.

Use A Social WiFi

Having a free WiFi connection for your clients has become essential. Well, thanks to the fact that open WiFi is no longer legal, your clients will have to provide a series of data and will have access to your social network profiles and TripAdvisor. You can ask them to leave opinions in exchange for participating in a raffle for example, or simply remind them when they disconnect from reviewing their experience

Answer Opinions

Once you’ve done your part creating a profile and offering customers the opportunity to leave opinions on TripAdvisor, it’s time for you to follow certain steps that will improve them. Google and the algorithms of this type of platform highly value interaction with users. Whether you receive a positive or negative review, give them an answer.

Have A Good Database

You already know that nothing better than a social WiFi to obtain a large database. Trip Advisor has a very practical tool that you can send by email to those clients you already have or to the new ones who have visited you for the first time. It is ‘Express Opinion’ where in a matter of seconds, users can leave an opinion without any discomfort through the direct link you leave them.

Get Your Sticker

It is a psychological thing: a client sees the sticker in your business, and when he leaves it, he only thinks of leaving an opinion on the platform. Of course, arm yourself with patience because the sticker can take up to three months to reach you.

Use The Employees

Whether you have a restaurant or other type of company, you can use employees to ask customers for their opinion. If these are positive, they can encourage you to leave the review on TripAdvisor.

Keep The Information Updated

If you change location, hours or any other changes you make, keep it updated. If you add a new product or service, put a photo, delete those of products that you no longer have and upload business images, especially if you make renovations or change the sign, etc. It is important that you show your best face. Are you ready to get and improve your opinions on TripAdvisor. Get started with these tricks, and above all, contact us to start at the beginning: have a social WiFi to get a database and good reviews.

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