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Top Of The Best Software For A Factory

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Over the past few decades, manufacturers have invested colossal sums in the search for new management solutions. These approaches have led to the development of various tools. Are you looking for software for your industry? Here are 4 tools that we present to you here.

MES Software

Defined as Manufacturing Execution System, the MES is a computer system aiming to collect all your production data. Developed in the 1980s, it makes it possible to execute, manage and monitor production in progress in a factory. Thanks to the collection of information, MES software will deliver valuable data to operators and managers to optimize production activities and increase the responsiveness of production teams. The versatility of this management tool means that it can be used in any plant. Thus, it becomes easy for each company to carry out actions with high profitability where necessary.

CIM Software

Developed in the 1980s, CIM is a concept that promotes the complete automation of manufacturing processes. To do this, all plant equipment placed under the control of:

  • Computers;
  • Programmable logic controllers;
  • Other digital systems.

CIM software works based on a pyramid that represents 4 levels of decisions. Level 3 manages products, stocks, supplies, customers, orders, and invoicing. Level 2 allows you to locate in-store products, make physical movements, and manage batches. Concerning level 1, it corresponds to automatisms. Finally, level 0 is that of the sensors and actuators.


CyberPlan is a complete set of APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software. It ensures all the needs of the company in terms of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Planning
  • Scheduling

This work organization tool is straightforward to learn and suitable for different industries. Whether in industrial machinery, chemicals, forging, metals or mechanics, you can use it to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

SMART Industry

Smart industry is a term deeply linked to the era of industry 4.0, which aims to be modern by introducing new digital and technological tools. To this end, modern industries must gradually integrate new methods. The intelligent industry is a solution that uses information technologies, communicating sensors, simulation software, and high-performance machines to increase factory productivity. Thus, this innovation makes industries more competitive and efficient.

From an environmental point of view, Smart Industry is a big step forward. It makes it possible to control the emission of greenhouse gases by industries and waste recycling. With this revolution, it is now also possible to control drives remotely or physical objects for self-diagnosis. Consequently, the Smart industry will enable factories to face the challenges of globalization and the supply of raw materials. Similarly, it allows better security of information systems within sectors.

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