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Top Benefits Of A Cloud Based Contact Center

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The success of any business depends on how it makes its customers feel about its products and services. This is often referred to as ‘customer experience’ in short. And one of the major factors that influence customer experience is effective communication between the customer and the business. No wonder then the businesses today are investing massively in call center solutions.

For years, we have had call centers that are premise-based but their costs of maintenance and upgradation have always been on a rise. This has been a major cause of concern for the business owners. This is exactly where a cloud-based contact center pitches in. Since it is cloud-based, it has several benefits. To start with, there is a minimum to virtually no expenses on the hardware and the list goes on.

Let us learn more about innovation:

What Is A Cloud Based Contact Center?

A cloud based contact center is a central point of a business where all the inbound and outbound calls of the customers are taken care of. It is hosted via an internet server and several platforms are used to make communication with the customers. These include social media platforms, emails, voice mails, or any other platform that is accessible via the internet, irrespective of its location on the globe.

What is a Cloud based contact center?

Just as the customer is getting more and more educated and aware digitally, the switch to a cloud-based contact center is also becoming imperative. It is an easy, cost-effective option that has a host of benefits for any business that decides to take the plunge.

Here are some of the top benefits that will encourage you to take your business to new realms with this modernized contact center:

Top Benefits Of Choosing A Cloud-Based Contact Center

  • Better customer experience

Among all the benefits of a cloud-based contact center, improved customer experience tops the list. What is unique about this benefit is that it is actually an end result of utilizing a cloud-based contact center for one’s business.

Having a cloud phone system for your business is different from having a traditional one in the sense that the business is in a better position to collect personal data about the customers from different sources and then use the same to offer a personalized experience to them every time there is a communication.

Moreover, the customers do not waste their time figuring out an IVR menu or waiting on hold for endless hours. All of this consolidates to enhanced customer experience.

  • Enjoy scalability with flexibility

The scalability of business was never as flexible an idea as it is with a cloud-based solution. Having a cloud contact center allows your business to scale in real-time. Whether it is about phone lines, additional features, or call routing structures, you can make alterations to any of these depending on the seasonal fluctuations in your business that directly affect the call volume from customers.

Since licenses and hardware are not any constraints to a cloud contact center, scaling up and down is easier without having to pay any kind of penalties.

  • Outsourced maintenance services

More than the maintenance services, a cloud contact center allows the owner of the business to outsource everything right from the implementation to hosting and from every-day maintenance to occasional upgrades.

Since all of these are outsourced to a single vendor, there are less of formalities and more of work that allows the business owners to optimize technology together with internal IT resources. All of this is extremely beneficial to the contact center agents.

With cloud contact center technology, it is time to say goodbye to endless on-site visits made by the service technicians.

  • Utilize talented and remote workforce

By making use of cloud contact center solutions, a business stands a better chance in utilizing remote workforce that is also extremely talented and suitable for the job. What makes it even better is that the workforce is available at a much lower cost. Apart from this, the business also gets the flexibility to scale the level of the workforce as and when required, depending on the call volume witnessed by the business.

  • The IT team has more free time

Top Benefits of choosing a Cloud-based contact center

Every time a business chooses to use a cloud contact center in place of a premises-based contact center, its IT team discovers newfound independence that helps them to increase their productivity. It also reduces the burden on the members of the staff since they no longer require to spend long hours on system maintenance and performance.

  • Better reliability

The cloud platform has a reliability quotient of 99.99%. This means it is very few times that a cloud-based contact center is down and the business gets affected. Also, the calls are routed in an optimal manner such that the customers get high-quality experience without any kind of latency.

All of this is not possible with a premise-based call center system where the APIs are not cloud-based.

  • It is a cost-effective choice

With all these lines of benefits, it is a general belief that the cloud-based contact centers are much more expensive than their counterpart. Instead, it is just the opposite! Since there is minimum use of hardware, cloud based software lets you do much more and that too with a modest budget.

Most of the businesses that have taken up the switch to the APIs have witnessed cost savings that are more than significant.

If you are still contemplating whether or not to continue with the idea of switching to cloud contact center as a service, let us help you with interesting statistics. According to a popular study, the technology of the cloud based contact center is estimated to grow by about 23.6% by the end of 2021.

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