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Tips For Using PLC Devices And Improving Wi-Fi

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In many cases, the Wi-Fi does not work as we would like. We connect from our devices but the Internet speed is not the best, we have problems with outages or the quality leaves much to be desired. Luckily we can use multiple devices to improve that signal. We can take coverage to more remote areas and connect with less hassle. One option we have is PLC devices. In this article, we are going to give some tips to use them correctly.

What Are PLC Devices To Improve Wi-Fi

First of all, we are going to remind our readers what PLC devices are. We can say that they are devices that are used to improve Wi-Fi coverage in our homes. It consists of two pieces and they use the electrical network to “transport” the Internet.

One of the two devices connects to the router and the electrical network. The other is placed in the area of the home where we want to bring the Internet, also connected to the electrical network. In this way, this second device is the one that offers the connection to other equipment.

Keep in mind that there are different versions. We can find PLCs that only offer Wi-Fi connection, while others also allow connection by Ethernet cable. In any case, it should also be noted that some have more speed, a wider configuration, or the possibility of plugging other equipment into the electrical network.

How  To Correctly Position PLC Devices

However, when using these PLC devices we must take into account certain factors. The main objective is to avoid problems that cause a malfunction, that do not allow us to navigate correctly or that harm us in any way.

Avoid The Strips

Something fundamental to take advantage of all the resources of the PLC devices is to connect it to the power socket correctly. It is a mistake that we must avoid the fact of plugging it into a power strip. In this way, we would be limiting the potential.

Ideally, we connect it directly to the wall, to the power outlet. This way we will achieve a higher speed and quality of the signal. This we must apply to both devices.

Do Not Put It Near Other Devices

Other devices can interfere with the signal. This is something that happens with any computer that has a wireless network, as we know. You mustn’t be near electrical appliances and any device that is transmitting or receiving a signal via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

This is a mistake that many users make and it can affect its proper functioning. We must isolate it as much as possible in this regard.

Optimal Location

This means that the ideal is that we place these devices in a place that we can take advantage of. For example, near other equipment that we are going to use, such as a computer. It is useless that it is in an isolated room, far from where we need the connection to go.

The interesting thing is a central location, from where the signal is distributed well. Always avoid putting it in low places, behind walls or walls.

Consider The Settings

Typically, these devices have different options and settings. For example, we can choose between the 2.4 GHz band or the 5 GHz band. They are factors that can be fundamental for the speed to be the best possible, as well as quality and stability. We already know that the first band is the best when we connect far or when there are walls or walls. On the other hand, the 5 GHz is ideal to obtain the best speed, although it is more sensitive to distance.

We must also properly configure security. We must put a password on these devices, that we do not make mistakes when configuring different parameters that can protect us.

If  Possible Better To Surf By Cable

Lastly, a basic tip is to surf cable whenever possible. In this way we will make better use of the available resources, we will have better speed and stability. The wireless network is ideal to connect many devices and forget about wiring, but whenever we can we should avoid it. Also, some computers can only work through Ethernet cable.

In short, these are some interesting tips to correctly configure PLC devices. The objective is to take the signal to other parts of the home in the best possible conditions. We must avoid errors that affect proper functioning.

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