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Tips And Tricks To The Enrich Your Database

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The new Data Protection Law has complicated things for companies and businesses that need to enrich their database. Is there a way to do it without getting into trouble.

How To Enrich Your Database

Whatever type of business you have, you need to store customer data to increase the sales of your business. Getting people to enter your store, bar or hotel involves much more than staying behind a counter.

An excellent way to get this data that we need is through a free Wi-Fi connection. Let’s say that, subtly, you offer a free connection in exchange for data. How to do it.

To Connect

Open Wi-Fi networks no longer exist, as they are not legal. Any establishment connection requests a username and password. The password can be provided by you to the clients, but the user must enter it.

Make things easier by being able to do it through social networks for example. Explain to them (from the connection) that you can use their data for promotions and matters of interest related to your business.


Events, whether online or in person, can be a very powerful tool when it comes to collecting information from your clients. You can offer free mini-courses, a talk or a meeting. The goal is that customers are attracted enough to go and that, at the same time, you can get more information.

Social Networks

If you already do email marketing campaigns thanks to the data collected through your WiFi social connection, do not hesitate to promote the same newsletter on social networks. There is no greater source of discussion than this.

Anything that is posted on networks runs like dynamite. Your posts and offers, if attractive, can reach hundreds of people, or even thousands, in seconds.


Having an updated and modern website is important to attract more customers. It includes in it a subscription form to allow whoever wants to offer their data and receive offers and promotions.

QR codes

These codes are very effective for mobile marketing. Include some on your website and the windows of your business so that users interact. Sure, you should attractively present them and offer promotions that they cannot otherwise get. Only then will you get them to enter data.


What is your business specialized in? Well, it offers mini-courses or online conferences that teach something to your clients, and that allows you to enter personal data that you can then use for your campaigns and promotions.

Do not doubt that a WiFi social connection is the best way to obtain information from clients and future clients. Talk to us and we will find the best plan for you. Do not miss the opportunity to increase sales in your company.

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