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Three Pillars Of SEO Why Is It Important To Respect Them

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Many boil down to content SEO. While it is of great importance, it is only one of the three pillars of natural referencing. The other two being the structure of your site and the “off-site.” These three fundamental aspects are indeed the basis of a solid SEO strategy.

Use A Web Agency To Optimize Your SEO

If you want your business or business in Toulon to be found by potential customers, it must be visible on search engines. Two techniques are then available to you: SEO and SEA. While the former is virtually free, the latter operates on the purchase of keywords or advertising space. The two are complementary, but we advise you to optimize your SEO because the relevance of your site depends on it.

SEO is far from easy to understand. Unless you have a good foundation in this area and a lot of free time, mastering SEO is still quite tricky. Especially since the field of natural referencing is constantly evolving: rules that previously applied are sometimes no longer relevant today. For many, going through a web agency in Toulon allows them to focus on their core business while increasing their visibility. Choose a web agency focused on performance, website creation and referencing digital strategy, and business growth on the internet.

The Structure And The Technical Aspect Of Your Site

Before content, “on-site” is the basis of your SEO strategy. You should know that the design of the website itself has an impact on its SEO. The quality and construction of the code, loading times and errors, the tags used, the tree structure of the site, the responsive design, or the construction of the URLs are all elements of interest for search engines.

Responsive Design

In a world where Internet users connect mainly on mobile devices, responsive design is a must for the user experience and the SEO of your site. It allows your visitors to use your website correctly, whether they are browsing from a computer or a mobile device, such as smartphones or tablets. A web agency can help you optimize your SEO and the user experience to improve the visibility of your website.

Facilitate The Work Of The Search Engine

For your website to be indexable, the search engine’s bots must crawl its pages and that it has the authorization to index them. A web agency can help you check that they are open to bots via robots.txt and that the code does not contain a “noindex” tag.

Internal Structure OR Mesh

You will score points with search engines if your website is structured, consistently, and logically. The site should not exceed a certain depth. Otherwise, the most distant pages will not be indexed. Link anchors need to be fine-tuned, as they are indicative for bots. You must also respect the semantic logic of the different pages and insert just the right amount of internal links inside. All of this will improve the SEO of your website.

If many technical elements can be improved on an existing site, it will sometimes be necessary to redesign it to obtain optimal referencing. It is then obviously more interesting to go through a web agency to restructure the site of your company, trade, or entity in Toulon.

The Contents

It is mainly thanks to the content that search engines will be able to index your website. Optimizing SEO, offering explicit, relevant, and value-added content is, therefore, the best strategy to follow.

Know Your Audience

Your core target is people with certain behaviors and responding to specific data (geographic, demographic, sociological, etc.). One of the first things to do is define your audience’s persona by analyzing your current clientele and that of your competitors.

You will also need to consider what other segments of the population your services or products may use. The research object behind choosing keywords for your target audience will also help you understand how to present your products or services to them through your content. A web agency can help you carry out this task and improve your SEO.

Adapt Your Content To Your Audience

The goal? Offer to engage, quality content that answers your visitors’ questions. If adding keywords and phrases to a site was previously enough to be indexed, you should know that search engine technologies have evolved a lot. Today, they prioritize information, expertise, and utility. Combine your writing and ideas with the services of a web agency in Toulon to optimize your content. These professionals can also invite you to diversify your digital communication media to reach more people.


After the on-site technical and content aspects, the off-site elements constitute the last pillar of SEO.


SEO also involves the presence of redirect links to your site from external sites. They act as a recommendation and are indexed by search engines. They make it possible to strengthen the presence of your website on the web while giving it credibility. The generation of backlinks is called net linking.

The insertion of these links must be done in the most natural way possible in the host site’s content. If you don’t always have control over the recommendations made on your products, note that exchanging links on different platforms is a common practice. In terms of net linking, you will need to ensure the consistency of the sites hosting your external links. To help you improve your SEO, hire a web agency.

Local SEO

When we know that a good half of the searches carried out by users are localized, the use of local SEO seems obvious. Suppose you are based in Toulon and primarily sell in the region. In that case, you can optimize your online presence by creating and setting up the My Google Business account for your business or business. By entering your exact location, here Toulon will be easier to find in localized searches.

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