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The Wallpaper That Can Make An Android Mobile Phone Collapse

The Wallpaper That Can Make An Android Mobile Phone Collapse

Once again we have to report a problem that affects Android phones, especially Samsung, Google, Nokia, Xiaomi, and OnePlus models, forcing us to have to restore the system to the factory, which means losing all our stored data, with the consequent inconvenience that this implies.

We are talking about a common image where we see a landscape that serves as the usual wallpaper on many Android devices and that has the counterpart of causing this unpleasant effect on the phone. The worst is that it has gone unnoticed so far that several users on the networks have explained and alerted on the subject.

Twitter user Ice Universe, a regular in dealing with these issues, published a post on his wall of this social network informing about his discovery, and responses that confirmed his claim quickly followed, even some who did not know verified it when they saw the publication, in the face of his obvious amazement and concern.

The damages it causes are various, as described by the users themselves in some terminals, the screen spontaneously turns off, while others emitted flashes that did not allow access to the phone’s menus or to be able to use it. Huawei’s mobiles are the least affected, with Samsung, Google, Nokia, Xiaomi, and OnePlus not having the same fate, as we have already mentioned.

The damages it causes to an Android mobile phone are several. As described by the users themselves in some terminals the screen spontaneously turns off. Worst of all, the old trick of turning the device off and on again did not solve the problem at all, so users have been forced to restore the system from the factory, and those who did not have a backup correctly done, they have lost all their previous data stored on the mobile.

As reported by the experts of the Android Authority, what happens is that the color profile that this particular image brings, is much higher than the range that allows devices to be processed with their operating systems, and this implies that they collapse before their inability to manage a file of that size or size.

Also, to avoid this, it is as simple as transforming the original image into a simpler and more common color profile such as RGB, which combines red, green, and blue colors to compose the photo we see. This format is more manageable and does not weigh much, besides it does not lose any quality to the file from a purely aesthetic point of view.

It is not the first time that something similar has happened, and already in 2018 Google faced a similar situation where its operating systems were not able to reproduce the file, but unlike now, at that time due to the impossibility, it gave up on the I try and let it pass. Luckily, this time the problem and its origin have been detected and if it provides a possible simple solution.

Something important to highlight to conclude is that the error affects all Android operating systems, including 10, but Android 11 is spared, which is already prepared to avoid situations like this. The good news is that bugs serve to improve devices and their systems, allowing us to keep moving forward.

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