Increase The Use Of Chatbots In Interactions With Brands With An Effectiveness

The Chatbots have gained ground in serving clients in various sectors, according to some reports, it is estimated that almost a quarter of the world ‘s population used any of these tools past. One of the five largest suppliers worldwide Customer relationship services and business process outsourcing (CRM / BPO) leader in Latin America, develops solutions to improve the experience and customer service combining bots, digital channels, and voice channels, which ensure greater understanding and responses with greater accuracy, using language similar to that used by a person.

A Chatbot is a program capable of understanding the language in a written way, and executing predetermined actions depending on what the client wants to express, which ranges from scheduling an appointment, generating a report, or even booking vacations.

To develop a chatbot, carries out a meticulous study to understand and even anticipate the user’s needs, thus building personalized content with clear, consistent messages with a conversational tone. This model also integrates with the other channels available in the company through an omnichannel platform to provide a better customer experience.

Effectiveness Greater Than To Artificial intelligence

These types of solutions can act without human intervention thanks to the fact that it’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm can understand what the user writes with effectiveness greater than 90%, in addition to achieving a customer satisfaction percentage above 95%. Thanks to these positive results, its use has become popular mainly in the Technology, Retail, Banking, Insurance, and HR sectors.

Another advantage of implementing this type of development is the operational continuity they offer since they can serve users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the other hand, there is ample flexibility to enable this type of solutions, although the most popular channels are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Web Chat, they can also be integrated into Twitter, email and SMS messages.

Today, Chatbots are revolutionizing the customer experience, we can implement them with the specific needs and language required by users of each brand, providing automated responses that allow us to have a conversation from start to finish with customers, such as and how they would do it with a human.

Chatbots’ performance is measured in the same way as that of an agent: several interactions attended and the percentage of satisfaction obtained in them. The intervention of an agent is necessary only when it is detected that the algorithm presents problems to identify certain words or commands, in these cases the programming team has the support of linguists who help with the programming of the new terms to adapt them and continually improve service.

The Chatbots are configurable to suit the needs of each client. The most common uses for this type of technology range from predefined processes such as reservations or online shopping, answering frequently asked questions, or even more complex processes such as welcoming customers. Based on what the user types, the algorithm determines what action should be taken. This type of technology is constantly evolving and the updates and new versions available tend to increase its popularity and adoption.

Advances And Improvements In Semantic Technology

Artificial Intelligence and automation. All the company’s solutions can be integrated with this tool, which enables the monitoring, analysis, and management of customer sentiments and needs with greater precision.

Specialized in LUI (language User interface) -composed by linguists, anthropologists, writers, and screenwriters- through the use of tools, it can analyze variations in consumer behavior, accents, volume, tone voice and linguistic issues to build dynamic communication and develop a response tailored to each client.

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