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The New Generation Of Malware That Threatens Android Devices

The New Generation Of Malware That Threatens Android Devices

In recent times due to the confinement of the pandemic by Covid-19, telework has multiplied as almost the only possible formula to support many companies. The workers connect from all types of devices including mobile to perform its task.

The cybercriminals have found in this time an ideal to commit time their attacks, especially on Android, where users are us very scrupulous in ensuring downloading certain applications, with the danger therefore it poses to the security in general.

The introduction of malware into mobile phones provides criminals with tremendously valuable information. From smartphones we send emails, we can access confidential websites, both banks and public and private corporations, so much compromised and sensitive information can be exposed to the bad guys.

Experts warn that there are countless malware for Android right now that even have a presence on Google Play, and although at first, they may seem harmless, some have hidden software that if downloaded can be very dangerous to maintain your security and privacy.

Mandrake is one of this highly selective and sophisticated malware that reaches our devices masked in any application, and that only activates when it finds what it is looking for, that is, when the user’s profile matches the data they want to obtain and for what that was created.

Malware that reaches our devices masked in an application.

The technicians believe that the first ones began to come out in Australia around 2016 and that they have quickly spread throughout Europe and the USA. The USA, posing a major security hazard. The worst thing is that they manage to stay hidden and even access our data directly, through highly polished and studied systems with which to obtain passwords and codes.

Google Play informs that it has removed all traces of Mandrake on its platform, although they also warn that they cannot rule out that criminals implement or incorporate new ones since they are tremendously active in their purpose and have not yet been apprehended by the authorities.

The technological multinational believes that the origin of Mandrake is probably in countries such as Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, or Africa and the Middle East, although they cannot confirm its specific origin with certainty either, given the high level of coding to erase its trail. Remember that before downloading an application it is very important to have your antivirus updated.

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