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The Most Important And Useful SEO Plugins

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Small programs, great effectiveness: SEO toolbars, plugins, and extensions for browsers are very useful tools for the daily life of marketers in many disciplines of search engine optimization. Whether it’s analyzing web pages or evaluating link profiles, having the right SEO plugins for browsers saves effort and helps you plan SEO actions more effectively. Next, we present a list of tools with which you can expand the SEO functions of your browser.


Linkparser is a small tool to analyze the structure of the links that establish a differentiation between 9 types of links (for example, internal / externals, follow / nofollow). The number of links is extracted from the quick view in the browser and the user is the one who decides the type of links that the tool displays. By clicking on the browser symbol, the links are displayed in different colors and the user sets the classification.

The most characteristic features of this plugin are:

  • Ideal for optimizing the internal structure of the links.
  • Free SEO plugin for browsers.


The analysis tool is known by most professionals dedicated to SEO and, as such, it is considered one of the most used SEO plugins. The Moz toolbar automatically displays different metrics for OffPage analysis when visiting a web page. This includes, among others, MozRank, an internal index to measure the popularity of links on a web page, Page Authority, Domain Authority, and the number of external links. In addition to the toolbar, there is the so-called Overlay, which is opened by clicking on the Moz symbol and displays information about the elements and attributes of the web page (URL, title, meta description, heading, etc.), what which forms the basis on which the subsequent page analysis and optimization.
In addition to the toolbar and Overlay, Moz also displays relevant link data in search results.

Among others, the most important features of MozBar are the following:

  • Designed for the analysis of the websites of potential partners or competitors.
  • Enables rapid general OffPage analysis and quick, short OnPage analysis.
  • The free and paid version.


SEOquake is a consolidated plugin in the field of SEO and its toolbar offers functions similar to those of MozBar. This tool makes available to its users all the metrics that are important for web pages (eg, PageRank) and all types of search engines. With it, users can access the link profile, title, meta description, and meta keywords with just a click of the mouse. This plugin also offers numerous possibilities for making adjustments individually and has great functionality. Additional features include, for example, the integrated Who is query service, which offers information about the owner of a domain or the location of the server.

Its distinctive features are:

  • Classic SEO plugin
  • A tool to perform general SEO analysis on web pages

Majestic as an SEO plugin

The Majestic SEO plugin for browsers focuses on external links. In this way, it takes into account all the data related to the number, value, strength, and fallibility of this type of link, and for this, it uses an extensive database of external links. This plugin is especially practical for users, as the most relevant values are displayed with just a mouse click and are visually represented clearly.

Its most distinctive features are:

  • OffPage Analysis Tool
  • Suitable for the first analysis of external links

PageSpeed Insights

The loading time of web pages is a very important positioning factor. The best way to optimize PageSpeeds is by using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Due to the boom in the use of mobile devices and the importance that loading time has gained in the use of these terminals, PageSpeed Insights becomes a very valuable tool for web page managers. Although a browser plugin is not available, with the online tool (available in the Google Webmasters Tools service) you can carry out the analysis of the web page directly in the browser.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Tool for SEO specialists and web developers with advanced knowledge
  • Resource for loading time optimization
  • Free online tool to use through the Google Webmaster Tools service


The SEO Seerobots plugin scans web pages for meta tags called “robots”. For example, if a page is under construction, Google shouldn’t index it; indexing should take place after completion and abides by established standards. To do this, the meta tag “robots” with the attributes “noindex” or “nofollow” is used. These tags serve to let the robot know that it does not have to index the page. In case you want to do it later, the tool helps to keep track of what has to be changed by marking the labels with a color.

Its most relevant characteristics are:

  • Tool for controlling meta tags
  • Help identify typical errors and fix them quickly

SEO Plugins or How to Speed Up Work With a Single Click

The above extensions install quickly and streamline daily work considerably. However, it is important to be cautious, and that is that if you install many plugins and SEO toolbars (SEO toolbars), it is likely that you will not be able to see anything else in the browser. In order not to lose sight of the most important aspects, it is worth installing, paradoxically, an additional complement: with the One-Click Extension Manager, you can deactivate or hide the rest of the extensions without having to resort to the menu.

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