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Teleworking Is Now A Reality With The Help Of ERP Software

We are in times where companies seek to adapt to the new normal, telework is here to stay, according to…

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We are in times where companies seek to adapt to the new normal, telework is here to stay, according to 74% of companies that have participated in a survey on telework carried out on March 30, have stated that they intend to pass at least 20% of face-to-face employees to permanently telework.

Teleworking Is Already A Reality In Successful Companies With The Help Of ERP Software

To be eligible for teleworking, the company must have the automation and digitization of all management processes.

The digital transformation processes that have had a direct impact on the workplace have been accelerated.

The implementation of an ERP software specialized in business management offers us the possibility of new forms of relationship between the workers of a company, since it is not always necessary to share physical spaces to be able to carry out our work effectively.

Technology allows us to make working conditions more flexible between workers and companies.

How Can ERP Help My Company Manage To Telework

An ERP business management system allows us to centralize the management of all the departments of a company in an automated way in a digital environment, in this way, the software facilitates the management of processes, business operations: project management, accounting, finance, sales, customers, logistics, human resources, relationships with customers and suppliers, etc.

Implementing an ERP system is key to incorporating teleworking in a small or medium business.

With ERP management software, all data can be centralized in a single program and authorized workers can easily access it through any device with an Internet connection, so working from home does not mean a delay for operations and interactions with customers and suppliers.

An ERP allows the company to control the information shared by its workers, as well as the performance of jobs.

Any action on the ERP management software is reflected and consequently facilitates decision-making quickly.

Why Do Companies Opt For Teleworking

This way of working offers numerous advantages, not only to companies but also to workers.

This relationship system helps them feel more comfortable in the company and positively affects productivity.

More and more people are demanding to be able to benefit from teleworking conditions for different reasons.

The main reasons are:

Advantages For Companies:

  • Reduction of space in permanent offices and equipment, cost savings in infrastructure, maintenance of facilities, etc.
  • Possibility of accessing high-level or specialized professionals, facilities for business expansion.
  • More motivated and productive workers thanks to the flexibility offered, control of absenteeism.
  • The agility of communication between the worker and the business management software, as well as the interaction with customers and suppliers.

Advantages For Employees:

  • Savings in time spent traveling to the office.
  • Autonomy and flexible hours.
  • Possibility to reconcile personal and professional life.
  • In the case of professionals with reduced mobility or some type of disability, working from home offers them greater possibilities of accessing jobs in which traveling to the office is a significant obstacle.

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