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Telegram 6.0 Is Here For Are All Android And Apple Store

By TrendsTechBlog , in TECHNOLOGY , at April 3, 2020

Telegram update 6.0 is now available in all app stores. As usual, the messaging app has added a lot of new functions and features with this new update. One of the most interesting is the possibility of saving conversations in folders , which are presented as tabs, for a better organization of your chats.

In addition to that, the synchronization with the Telegram client for PC has been improved, new statistics have been added for the channels and now we have a virtual die to choose a random number . But that’s not all, see below each and every one of the news that Telegram version 6.0 brings.

What’s New in Telegram 6.0 Update

To receive the new Telegram 6.0 functions, all you have to do is update the app from the Google Play Store (if you have an Android) or App Store (if you have an iPhone) . Do it and immediately we will tell you all the new things that you will find in the application.


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Folders: WhatsApp tabs reach Telegram

telegram new version 6.0

The main novelty that Telegram 6.0 brings us is folders. You will see these folders in the main interface as the tabs you see in WhatsApp (Chats, States and Calls), but in Telegram you can customize them. That is, you can put a name to the folders (tabs) and add the chats you want in them. However, as in WhatsApp, in Telegram you can go from one folder to another by sliding the interface sideways.

The option to create folders will only appear if you have many chats on Telegram. However, you can also activate them by clicking here . These folders will appear on all platforms where you use Telegram (PC, Android, iOS, etc.), so they will help you better organize all your chats.

The limits to anchor chats are over

chats anchored without limits telegram

Regarding organization, with this version 6.0 of Telegram the limit of anchoring only 3 chats has been removed. Now there are no limits to pinning chats you want in main tray or folders, although there is little point in pinning all chats. However, it is good news that more than three chats can now be pinned up in the recent message list.

Telegram channels have new statistics

new statistics telegram channel

Furthermore, Telegram channel owners with more than 1000 users have received a new feature. This is a statistic that will allow you to see the performance and growth of your publications. Thus, channel owners will be able to know what type of content their users prefer or what type of content does not work as well.

New animations, emojis and a dice

anime emoji telegram dice

A new animation was also added when you press the button to record audios or videos that, although it does not functionally improve this option, it does make it more attractive to the eye. Something new from Telegram that will be very useful for these times of coronaviruses are the new animated emojis (a kind of stickers) of a soap, an ambulance, a sick emoji, a virus and others that refer to the current situation. I wish other types of less apocalyptic emojis were in fashion, but it is what it is.

Finally, Telegram has also released an animated dice that you can send to your friends to make decisions or bet. The dice works the same as a real dice: you roll it and it gives you a random number as a result . You can play with your friends choosing a number, throwing (sending) the emoji of the dice and the one that guesses or gets closer to the number that came out, wins. In short, a good game to play with your friends at a distance .

For now, these are all the news that Telegram offers . Stay tuned to Trendstechblog for the latest news on this and many other apps.

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