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Telecommuting Drives In The SD-WAN Market

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Fortinet has improved its Secure SD-WAN solution by giving it greater flexibility and scalability. And it is that the company’s solution has helped organizations of all sizes to deploy their corporate network, in-home offices, branches, and distributed cloud while providing the best possible security and user experience.

For John Maddison, Product EVP and CMO at Fortinet, “SD-WAN is not just for delegation, it is a key end-to-end enterprise-wide technology. With applications for working from home, campus, data center, or cloud, and the ability to connect clouds, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is a technology that enhances the user experience and drives cost efficiency and saving time in organizations.

A Highly Scalable And Flexible SD-WAN Solution

Fortinet offers Secure SD-WAN as an integrated feature of its next-generation FortiGate firewall powered by the industry’s first SD-WAN ASIC processor that offers a better user experience, higher performance, and better cost-effectiveness.

To help implement network changes that ensure business continuity for an increasing number of telecommuters with minimal resources in IT staff and infrastructure, FortiGate’s broad portfolio of products with embedded SD-WAN enables flexible policies to be established from the Centralized Fabric Management Center console. These intuitive policies allow for faster, scale-out configuration deployments in minutes, providing the best performance for collaborative applications such as voice/video conferencing and SaaS applications.

Fortinet offers Secure SD-WAN as an integrated feature of its next-generation FortiGate firewall

Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN proposal is not limited to business use cases but is present in a wide range of devices, ranging from solutions that serve large data centers to equipment designed for delegations, remote sites, and even small home offices. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN’s ability to scale from home office to branch office and distributed cloud has helped the solution stand out from its competitors.

  •  Home Office: A desktop FortiGate with built-in LTE, such as the FortiGate 40F, enables you to respond to ‘super-users’ who work from home and require their applications to function properly for critical business needs, such as demos video to customers. Teleworkers can have a solution in their homes to manage security and their wireless network from a single integrated platform. The key advantage of extending SD-WAN functionality to telecommuters, especially super-users, is that they can enjoy remote access on-demand as well as dynamically scalable performance regardless of the availability of their local network. In a context where other users in the organization trust these individuals to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, SD-WAN functionality can make a difference.
  • Branches: Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is perhaps the best-known solution for supporting complex deployments in branches with advanced routing needs and access to cloud resources, which has helped thousands of customers to reduce the use of specific products such as legacy routers while improving the experience of using business applications
  • Distributed Cloud: For organizations with distributed cloud applications, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN enables cloud interconnection for better user experience. It is available to all cloud providers and provides the highest IPsec performance in the industry: up to 20Gbps in cloud interconnect. With native applications and the cloud integration framework, as well as the fully programmable API, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN helps customers connect hundreds of cloud environments.

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