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Telecommunications Integration Of VoIP And CRM

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What Is A CRM

Let’s start at the beginning. When we talk about CRM, what are we talking about? CRM is the acronym used to refer to “Customer Relationship Management”. And what does all this imply? The definition of CRM is 360-degree management of sales, marketing, customer service, and all contact points (call center). We are fully immersed in the digital transformation era, a scenario in which the relationship with consumers also evolves, thus reaching a new concept known as customer experience.

With What Tools Can We Enhance Our CRM

The tools that we will integrate into the system as sources to collect future data are essential to take full advantage of our CRM and make efficient use of resources. And that is where the integration of the CRM with the company’s communications can make each call with the client a beneficial source of information to individualize it and guarantee sufficient and exclusive attention. It will always be oriented towards obtaining its loyalty and always thinking of increasing the volume of sales.

VoIP Switchboards To Improve Our CRM

Those systems that work with IP technologies, such as the software we use in call centers (unlike traditional physical exchanges), allow communication from anywhere through a device with internet access. These systems can be optimally integrated into the company’s CRM as they are hosted in the cloud, safeguarding the data above the durability of the equipment and facilitating the hybrid model. Thus, a worker from home could work just as if he were in the office by integrating the Softphone of his computer with his corresponding CRM.

In recent years, we have seen a fundamental change in the way customers communicate with organizations, especially in telephone contact centers (call centers). These CRM systems that manage sales and service interactions with customers are becoming more sophisticated. Always helping companies provide a more personalized interaction with customers and understand customers’ needs to sell to serve their products and services better. As these call center processes become more sophisticated, it becomes critical for companies to track and manage contacts between departments for both internal exchange of information and external communication.

We can safely say that the most important key to a thriving call center is your ability to assign and manage phone calls, emails and chats with customers. To do that, call centers need a solid database of customer contacts, and for that, we need a good CRM that works well. Suppose company representatives can easily access data about past customer interactions. In that case, they can quickly assess the issues a given customer faces and develop a solution in less time while creating a better overall experience. The different departments involved in customer service must share information seamlessly, without unnecessary delays or errors.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that, by having the VoIP switchboard and CRM integration, you will be able to automatically identify the data of each interaction without having to go to an external source of information or leave calls or put them on hold, for example. In this way, team members can effectively provide personalized treatment to each client. It is also possible to write down, modify and save any data relevant to the ongoing communication, and even create new contacts and send emails or messages simultaneously.

The latest information will be automatically registered in the system, with all members of the company having immediate access to it and creating a synergy between departments, which translates into optimal customer service, After reading this, we can appreciate that the significant advantages of integrating communications with the CRM are the rapid identification of the client, the possibility of creating the file in a first call, the collaboration between departments within the client’s file and, above all,, the increase in sales.

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