Care Tips For Your TAG Heuer Timepieces

We all know that taking care of your valuable items is important, especially if you bought them with your own savings and cost you too much. These luxurious items can be a valuable item for you and can be an heirloom to the family, and if you take good care of these items, you can also sell them at a higher value on the market.

Here are some of the best tips we can offer for you to take care of your TAG Heuer collectibles. The general public can do some just inside your homes, and the general public can do some at a service center provided by the TAG Heuer company. There are many care tips that we will teach you for your TAG Heuer watches to last for a lifetime.

Importance Of Your TAG Heuer Collectibles

We know how important your Tag Heuer watches are, for we know how luxurious these collectibles are. We understand that you really want these timepieces to last at your wrist for a long time, and you might also want to give it as a family heirloom or want to resell it at a much higher price when the time comes you need money.

All the models the TAG Heuer offers to its users are surely robust and durable. But still, you need to take a moment of your time from time to time for you to take care of your watches to ensure that the durability and accuracy of your TAG Heuer will last for a long time.

Every Day Tips For Your TAG Heuer Timepieces

In this section, we will give you everyday tips to take care of your timepieces. First in line is that when you set your watches’ time, you need to make sure that the watch you have is dry. Never change the date of your timepieces between 8 pm and 4 am.

Next, you should always make sure to be extra careful when trying to move your watch’s crown, especially when you are putting it back in its right position. Screw it down in the right position as carefully as possible so you will preserve the water-resistance of your clock.

Magnetic fields are harmful to any watch you have. That is why we recommend for you always make sure that your watches are away from magnetic fields, especially if you are not wearing your clocks. Your mobile devices and even your speakers can affect the performance your timepieces have.

Tips With Water

There are care tips you should remember when your watch comes in contact with water. We all know that a watch’s water-resistance can always vary depending on the model you have or own. Always make sure how much your watch can handle when it comes in contact with water.

The TAG Heuer also recommended that you should take your watches on a TAG Heuer care service to let them check the water-resistance of your watches at least every once a year and when you have exposed your watches to saltwater, always make sure that you rinse them with fresh water afterward.

Tips For Lifetime Care

We recommend that you let your watches be checked by experts at least once every two years; this will ensure you that your watches are still working the same way as you first used them and the water-resistance of your watches is still working. We also recommend that you let experts have your watch’s full service every 3 – 6 years.

Extra Tips For Your Watches

Clean your TAG Heuer watches at your homes with a soft cloth and water with soap. Do this at least once every two or three months, but we recommend that you should never do this with your watches that have a leather strap. Always take your timepieces to the nearest expert every year for a check-up.

Buy a TAG Heuer watch box for your timepieces that are not worn for a long time. Keeping it in a safe place will make it last, especially if you avoid it from falling or knocks. TAG Heuer offers storage for one or more timepieces to make sure that your watches are in good hands and storage.


Make sure that you take every piece of advice we recommend for you to make sure that your watches are in proper care and work for a lifetime or even for a hundred decades. Luxurious watches are important to be taken to an expert so you won’t lose a valuable item in your own hands.

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