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5 Apps Parents Can Use To Spy On Their Children’s Cell Phone

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Naturally, kids are curious, which is a good thing, but it can also result in some problems. Smartphone technology is making it more challenging for parents to monitor their children successfully.

However, parents can prevent their children from online harm by monitoring their kids’ devices With the proper mobile monitoring app, you’ll monitor your child’s online activities remotely.

With numerous phone monitoring apps, it’s tough to seek out the proper app. Many available apps require technical skills; however, some don’t require any skill. Check out the following 5 spy apps you can use on your child’s phone.

1 Spyic – Top Of The Line Smartphone Spy App

The Spyic app is equipped with features a parent will find useful for monitoring a kid’s phone. It provides over 35 features that range from location tracking to social media surveillance. Spyic works on both iOS and Android platforms.

Top Of The Line Smartphone Spy App

With over 1,000,000 users, Spyic is among the foremost trusted surveillance apps. Its popularity and customer approval rating of 96% earned it a spot in Forbes and CNET. Besides, you won’t need technical skills to use it.

To have a grasp of how it works, check this great article about location tracker apps. With Spyic, you get a tested parental control. As a web-based spy app, Spyic allows you to monitor your kid’s phone discreetly.

Why Spyic Is Popular?

Apart from providing parents with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, the Spyic mode of operation is unique. Here are a number of the items parents like about Spyic.

1. Root-free And Jailbreak-free Solution

For parents, the ability to monitor their kids’ devices without compromising their security is a big plus. Besides, rooting Android and jailbreaking iOS compromises the security of your child’s phone.

Also, rooting or jailbreaking a phone is time-consuming and fogeys won’t have much time with their kids’ phones. What’s more, it voids the warranty on your kid’s smartphone. So, Spyic is the obvious choice for monitoring your children’s cell phones.

2. 100% Undetectable

Parents enjoy knowing that their children won’t notice their monitoring activities. With the surveillance taking place in the background, Spyic avoids interfering with the performance of your kid’s smartphone.

All the surveillance occurs remotely via a web browser. Spyic is convenient for parents who wish to monitor iPhones since no installation is necessary. It relies on iCloud to watch your child. So, you only need the Apple ID to start monitoring your child’s iOS device.

For Android, it’s equally easy, although it requires one-time access to put in the app. It takes but 5 minutes to put in the two MB app. After installation, it automatically deletes the icon and hides itself.

Spyic takes these measures to make sure your parental control remains undetectable. So, you won’t need to worry about your child checking out.

3. Safe

Spyic protects your child’s data privacy by ensuring it doesn’t have access to data in third-party apps. Also, with Spyic, only you’ll access the content on your Spyic dashboard.

2 Minspy

Another trustworthy app parents swear by for monitoring children is Minspy. The app comes with over 30 phone monitoring features that give parents virtually unlimited access to their kids’ devices.


With Minspy, you can spy on your child’s iPhone or Android smartphone without rooting or jailbreaking it. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Besides, employers also use the app to monitor employees.

It works in stealth to ensure children never notice your surveillance activities. Minspy could also be a web-based phone surveillance app that permits you to spy on your child from anywhere through a browser.

3 Neatspy

Neatspy is another app parents use to watch the activities of their children online. The app can spy on Android and iOS gadgets. Besides, it provides parents with over 30 features.


Besides, using the app is extremely easy since no rooting or jailbreaking is important . Also, its surveillance takes place in stealth to avoid detection. better of all, you’ll monitor your child remotely from anywhere over the web.

So, you can comfortably monitor your child on your phone, PC, or tablet without any worries of your child discovering your activities.

4 TeenSafe

With TeenSafe, parents have access to over 30 phone monitoring features. These features provide parents access to almost unlimited access to their kids’ cell phones. Best of all, you get to spy on your child remotely.


TeenSafe supports surveillance on Android and iOS gadgets. What’s more, the surveillance occurs in the background to avoid detection. Besides, you won’t need to learn new technical skills to use the app.

Some of the popular features for parents include social media surveillance, browser monitoring, and location tracking. So, the app lets know all the activities and whereabouts of your child discreetly.

5 Spyine

Among the latest phone surveillance apps, Spyine has carved a niche for itself. The app offers virtually unlimited access to your child’s phone. All its surveillance occurs remotely for iPhones and Android smartphones.


Spyine gives you the freedom to use any web browser to monitor your children since it is a web-based phone surveillance app. There is no need to consider rooting or jailbreaking your child’s cell phone.

Spyine is one among the few phone surveillance apps that don’t require rooting or jailbreaking Its features include text message surveillance, call log tracking, keylogger, and location monitoring among others.


As a parent, you must protect your child from both hidden and not so hidden dangers. Now that your children have access to smartphones, they are more vulnerable than any generation before them. So, choose any of these apps to monitor your child properly from strangers online and obscene acts.

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