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Does Spectrum Have Phone Service?

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Who can spend their day without using their cell phone, going over the internet, watching a TV show, or without calling anyone? It has become a need rather than a want. But dealing with different providers when it comes to your cable TV, internet, or phone services, can be very tiring. Not all service providers offer all services under one roof. Spectrum customers also wonder about the same thing.

Spectrum is one of the largest service providers in the states that offer high-speed internet & cable TV services and bundles to its customers. What many of us do not know is that Spectrum also offers home phone and Mobile phone services. It has some of the best plans available for Spectrum customers so that they can benefit from all the services under one roof instead of signing up for 2-3 different providers. That makes it easier for the customers as they receive one bill for everything and it saves them time and energy. So if you are a Spectrum customer or looking to become one, the good news for you is that Spectrum now offers phone services as well (both mobile and landline).

How Does Spectrum Phone Work?

Spectrum offers both landline and Mobile Phone services along with its cable TV and internet bundles. The home phone service or landline phone offered by Spectrum is a VOIP (Voice over Internet Phone) that gets connected to your internet modem and allows you to make calls. For that reason, Spectrum does not offer home phone services stand-alone. If you would like to get it, you would either have to be an existing internet customer with Spectrum or you would have to sign up for both internet and phone services together.

Regarding Spectrum Mobile Phone, Spectrum does not own the cellular network, instead, it has partnered with Verizon and uses Verizon’s widely available cellular towers to provide cell phone services to its customers. That is a plus point for Spectrum because Verizon has the largest 4G LTE network in the States and Spectrum customers can get benefit from its wide availability. Spectrum is also offering 5G and in some specific states with 5G availability and expanding its 5G network day by day.

Who Can Get A Spectrum Phone?

It does not matter whether you are looking for Spectrum home phone or cellular services or maybe both – there is a major requirement that you would have to do to be eligible. To get these services, you would have to be a Spectrum Internet customer. Moreover, you must sign up for autopay if you are going to sign up for Spectrum Mobile. Once you meet these requirements, you can get up to 5 lines to your cellular services.

The same goes for the home phone since it is a VOIP service and gets connected to the internet modem. So you would have to have internet services in order to get a landline phone through the spectrum. Moreover, you can get in touch with Spectrum customer service to inquire about further details on qualifying criteria or to get answers to your questions.

Packages And Plans For Phone Services?

Spectrum is known for offering great deals for its services whether you are looking to go for one specific service or bundle deals. There are several plans available for Mobile services and home phone.

  • Spectrum Home Phone Plan

Spectrum offers one plan for its home phone services which provides you unlimited local and long-distance calling – which also includes Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and many more. The price for this plan is just $9.99 when it is bundled with the internet or when you get a complete bundle deal with internet, TV, and phone. With your home phone services from Spectrum, you also get features like Enhanced 911 (which allows 911 to assist you in case of emergency even when you are not able to speak), three-way calling, and call blocking.

There is an option for international calling as well through which you can choose to pay per call or simply go for unlimited international calling to over 70 countries including most areas of EU and Asia for $5 a month.

  • Spectrum Mobile Plan

For Cellular customers, Spectrum offers two types of plans; Unlimited Data plan and by Gig plan. With an unlimited data plan, Spectrum charges you $45 every month for every line and offers you unlimited texting and calling nationwide and unlimited data for the internet. On the other hand, By the Gig plan gives customers convenience and charges them based on the amount of data they use during the month. This plan costs $14 per gigabyte that is used during the billing cycle. You also get unlimited nationwide calling and texting with this plan.

Moreover, you will also get access to a nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots network from Spectrum and would be able to save data whenever you are connected to a hotspot or your home internet connection when you are in your house.

How Do I Sign Up For Spectrum?

If you have decided on a plan and are ready to sign up, then there are several ways that you can use to get the services. The easiest of them all is to call Spectrum customer service and authorized resellers on the phone number 1-844-481-5993. If you do not want to sign up over the phone, then you can also go online and visit the spectrum website or visit your nearest Spectrum store (Covid might affect your choice to visit Spectrum Store).

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