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Solutions To Work In Secure Cloud Environments

Solutions To Work In Secure Cloud Environments

The attractiveness of the Public Cloud to host IT resources is convincing more and more companies. The flexibility, scalability, and control costs it provides are in its favor. But its safety continues to raise many doubts. Next, we point out solutions to work in secure cloud environments.

The rush to launch processes, products or services leads many organizations to contract IT architectures and cloud software either in IaaS, PaaS or SaaS model without designing and planning the migration to the Cloud.

This lack of planning cancels out a good part of the advantages that were intended to be achieved. It is very common to face costly oversizing and a lack of control in the administration of resources that negatively impacts the desired objectives. In addition, the lack of cloud security plans puts the integrity of the data entering and leaving the Cloud at risk.

Data Protection And Regulatory Compliance

Corporate data protection is a critical commitment to ensure that valuable business and customer information does not leave the company and is used responsibly. In addition, it is important to prevent it from falling into the hands of competition or criminals with obscure purposes such as complying with general RGPD or sectoral regulations.

Ensuring high levels of security has a positive impact on the organization’s reputation, its customers and the market in general. These considerations must be present when contracting IT services and resources in the Cloud. Therefore, data security has to be detailed in all signed agreements. In other words, it is necessary to make it clear which is the responsibility of the contractor and that of the supplier.

And in this relationship, we will not fool ourselves. Who has a greater responsibility today is the company that hires. The guarantees of cloud providers are directed more to the performance and high availability of their assets than to the security of the data itself. So it is the task of the contracting company to ensure that in a shared way, the same security requirements that are active in its on-premises infrastructure are met.

Managed It’s Cloud Services

Security in the cloud environment is one more piece of the comprehensive cybersecurity plan that should exist in every company. Hence, when evaluating different resource options in the Cloud, it is necessary to audit compliance with this in the products and services that need to be contracted.

Logically, this is a complex task for those companies that do not have powerful IT human resources. Therefore, orbit offers IT management services to outsource to experienced professionals all operations related to updating and managing IT infrastructures both physically and in the Cloud to solve these shortcomings.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan For Hybrid Environments

Prevention is much better than reacting. The deployment of hybrid IT architectures that combine physical assets and Cloud is the majority trend in companies. To avoid being easy prey for cyberattacks targeting cloud services, it is necessary to implement a bidirectional security strategy between the local infrastructure and the Cloud that addresses these aspects:

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