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How To Integrate SAP And A SCADA Environment

One of the challenges that those responsible for Digital Transformation face every day is the complexity and diversity of APIs…

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One of the challenges that those responsible for Digital Transformation face every day is the complexity and diversity of APIs available, which must be exploited intensively to connect an increasingly large application environment.

Studies show that the number of SaaS tools used by a company often exceeds 40 and almost 30% of these mechanisms on a daily basis. Applications like the SAP solution form the core of most company operations.

In this context, organizations that use ERP such as SAP and want to make the leap to digitizing their business need to establish two-way communication between the ERP and other corporate systems such as sensors, maintenance systems, energy management, etc.

Integration Between SAP And A SCADA Environment

To carry out effective communication between all these elements, companies need to implement a specific solution that they can acquire from third parties or develop and implement through the internal IT team.

However, the development of in-house tools involves a set of risks that usually generate long-term complications in scalability and maintenance. Furthermore, the growth of these applications can lead to over-dependence on a team of programmers and opaque software.

To avoid this, companies have the OPC Router solution, which acts as a gateway between SCADA and SAP . With this solution we can create a two-way communication space and establish workflows in a fully visual graphical user interface (in English GUI) that represents the data flow in real time.

SCADA and SAP are integrated into the OPC Router through plugins that act as modules to allow the exchange of information. In fact, OPC Router incorporates different plugins to be able to integrate different devices and applications.

What Is OPC Router

It is a software that is in charge of exchanging information between the different systems of the company, thanks to its ability to acquire and transform data from different sources of information, to multiple destinations bidirectionally.

The advanced functions offered by this solution represent a substantial improvement over other solutions that are in charge of acquiring company data already on the market, such as KEPServerEX.

Advantages of SAP integration with OPC Router

Integrating a SAP ERP solution with OPC Router offers different benefits to companies:

  • Automate Supervisory Tasks: It allows information to be transferred to the different connected devices and thus avoid human intervention and on-site supervision, thanks to the integration of a system that brings together the various elements of control, supervision and planning of the installation in a single site.
  • Facilitates Project Management: With the integration of SAP and OPC Router it is not necessary to be an expert to extend or modify a project, since the tool facilitates the realization of all functions and includes a graphical interface that allows you to control the entire project at a glance, without further complications .
  • Optimize Resources: Integrating a SCADA solution with SAP allows you to take better advantage of the resources of a project and obtain the maximum performance from each one of them. In addition, the implementation of a third-party OPC Router system optimizes the company’s IT resources, since it avoids dedicating all or part of the equipment to developing a customized solution.
  • Industry 4.0 Incentive: The companies that integrate the OPC Router with SAP can take advantage of all the advantages provided by Industry 4.0, which can be summarized in three: greater productivity, better resource management and real-time decision making.

Companies that want to benefit from the advantages of integrating SAP with a SCADA solution like OPC Router can do it with Logitek.

Try the demo of the Logitek OPC Router solution

Companies looking for a tool that enables them to integrate a key business application for organizations like SAP and a quality SCADA solution like OPC Router can find it in the Logitek demo.

It is the best solution to improve the tasks of supervision and control of all the resources of the company and the most appropriate way to simplify your projects and optimize the performance of all the resources.

Logitek offers companies the best SAP integration of OPC Router so that they can take advantage of the advantages of Digital Transformation.

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