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Salesforce A New Way To Connect That Changes Everything

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This blog post is the beginning of a series related to the “Salesforce world,” in which we will analyze the enormous potential of this cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool, which provides all companies with areas of the company (including marketing, sales, customer service, and e-commerce) a unified view of their customers. And all this in an integrated platform.

The keyword in the above definition of Salesforce is “customers.” When a company uses Salesforce, it transforms how it engages with its customers. And it is a systemic, total transformation. We can say that it is a true revolution because the 360-degree approach, together with the complete customer-centric vision provided by its cloud solutions, is, above all, a disruption in understanding the relationship with customers.

Salesforce Means Transformation

As we have seen, Salesforce is a new way of connecting that changes everything (that is why we have talked about disruption). But it is important to emphasize from the beginning that a Salesforce project is not just a project to implement a technological solution (a tool). It is a project that goes beyond technology, that touches the soul of the business, And that’s why it’s so powerful.

These are the significant impacts that a Salesforce project generates in an organization:

  • It involves people and teams (it requires imagination, creativity, and a human touch necessary to manage change, to lead the challenge).
  • Enhances expert knowledge of the digital environment (new protocols, processes, deep understanding of the client and their customer journey, time control, digital skills…).
  • Increases expert knowledge of the “business”: value chain, sales process, marketing process, customer service, value proposition.
  • It impacts knowledge about technology and integration tools, apps, AI, cloud solutions, and architecture.
  • Accelerate knowledge about Business Intelligence and Analytics: data-driven approach and management and control of information and data flows.

Entering The Salesforce World Is Worth It

The benefits of implementing a solution like Salesforce are clear:

  • We increase the capacity and potential of our business development team: More significant control of the customer life cycle Maximization of opportunities in our funnel More excellent knowledge of our customers throughout their customer journey.
  • We improve productivity: Opportunity detection (Salesforce uses an artificial intelligence layer that helps us understand which opportunities we should prioritize). More agile customer relationship management.
    More visual and intuitive customer analysis ( customizable dashboards ). Automation of follow-up tasks that reduce the time of managing relationships.
  • Better knowledge of the client: compelling insights that give us a real vision of our client in all the touch points of our relationship, all the information of the client in a single place (history of opportunities, interactions, key data…)
  • Better communication between the teams that connect with the client (synergies between groups and optimization of the conversation with the client).
  • The agility of a cloud solution accessible 24×7 on any device.

Companies that adopt Salesforce driven by the advantages that we have listed have significant challenges ahead since a revolution requires a change in working in customer relations and management culture. It also requires the technological, business, and talent capabilities necessary to carry out a transformation project successfully.

We have already seen that the challenge is worth it. The data shows that companies that use Salesforce solutions (and transform their vision of the customer relationship) consistently improve their results. In addition, this improvement occurs in all the key metrics: more opportunities ( leads ), more sales, better conversion rates, and more income. And a more collaborative way of working with the teams around the client (more and better knowledge of the client, the collaboration between multidisciplinary teams, and greater efficiency in Marketing actions.).

How To Approach A Salesforce Project

We have already discovered that a Salesforce project “changes you as a company.” It puts you in the obligation to anticipate technological and strategic needs. That implies that a company starting this project needs to understand:

  • The current situation in which the project will be developed (key elements of the business, how technology is used, how it connects with its clients, its value proposition.).
  • Where they are visualized in the future (possible scenarios and how they are going to do everything in your power to get there), envisioning the long term and creating the necessary conditions to face the challenges that will come with guarantees.
  • How to align Salesforce technology with your business. This point is critical: any implementation that does not consider synergies with the business and seeks impact on key processes will not achieve all the benefits described above. The primary objective: is to improve the company’s results (usually the turnover, but in reality, there are many other key KPIs in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.).

This implies that the company needs to work well with the following vectors:

  • Business knowledge to transform the company with a total focus on customers and their needs.
  • The digital capacity that optimizes the mix of methodologies & processes.
  • Technological knowledge to thoroughly understand Salesforce and its modules and define an implementation and integration strategy with other tools and solutions, such as the company’s ERP.
  • Change management to reinforce the transformation in dealing with the relationship with the client throughout the life cycle.
  • Trained talent to lead the project and execute it.

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