A Quick Guide To Managing Residential Society Digitally

Residential societies are primed to receive the numerous benefits of digital transformation in the wake of the pandemic and the booming app ecosystem. If you’re struggling to modernize the functioning of your community and move away from traditional methods of society management, here’s a guide to getting started with digital society management.

Switch To Smart Gatekeeping

It goes without saying CCTV surveillance is a norm today in societies but you could consider upgrading to smart CCTV cameras with AI-enabled motion alerts with two-way audio and mobile control for heightened security.

For real-time, automated gatekeeping, choose an intelligent society management app like MyGate that works on a passcode verification system where only guests, visitors with a one-time secret code can get authenticated on the guard’s app to gain entry.

This is a fail-proof way to ensure that there’s no congestion at the gate, no need for pen and paper registration, and no unwanted visitors can approach as residents can check in real-time and approve or deny entry through the app. Admin can mark guard and staff attendance remotely through the app as well.

Streamline Accounting Through A Single Digital Platform

Managing resident and society documents, maintenance bill generation, targeted invoicing apartment and tower/block wise, and consolidation of outgoing and incoming payments can all be easily handled on a society management app since it comes with an embedded accounting suite that can customize accounting templates and preconfigure formula according to your needs.

There are supportive features like collection, arrears, defaulters reports and penalty charging mechanism can ensure timely payments without having to physically run around for collection as well as reduce manual accounting errors. Residents can pay via the app through integration of mobile wallets, net and digital banking.

Managing committee members can prepare annual P&L reports, integrate GST calculations, and other necessary accounting analysis (with Tally integration). Digitising your accounts instead of using disparate tools like a calculator, Sheets, reminders, etc., and simplifying all financial activities on one society management app makes sense. Apps like MyGate are available on a subscription basis at highly affordable rates and customizable features. Besides, they use private cloud storage and state of the art data encryption so that your information and data remains protected at all times.

Automation Of Amenities

A digital calendar with a transparent slot booking system can make it possible for residents to book clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, conveniently online so that there’s no reliance on ‘first come first serve’ system and no one gets to overuse the facilities. Admin can preconfigure the number of slots per apartment per month as well. No matter the size of society’s amenities, amenities management feature in ERP apps helps in maintaining and managing them smartly to avail optimum use and member satisfaction.

Complaints Management Streamlined

Residents can lodge a complaint in-app by raising a ticket which gets assigned as per the right category (plumbing, electrician, waste management, etc.,) and members can check the status online (open, resolved, queued), and re-raise in case of dissatisfaction.

Parking Management

Guards are able to retrieve vehicle owners in case of improperly parked vehicles and receive dynamic updates in-app regarding availability of visitor parking spots through pre-fed slot numbers and incoming/outgoing vehicles.

Value Added Digital Features

Residential gated communities using society apps, get contactless deliveries from trusted vendors like Grofers, Zomato, Swiggy, and emergency health services from Portea and Nightingales StanPlus as well as discounted health check-ups from M-fine. A group communication feature enables online survey, polling, meeting schedule and important announcements through a digital noticeboard.

Instead of using expensive access control systems or multiplicity of mass market software for specific purposes, you could simply invest in a society management Enterprise Resource Planning app, like MyGate which can offer end to end solutions to every administrative, financial, security, communication and asset management needs.

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