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How To Remote Visual Support Works

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The new normality of interaction in times of social distancing can also be an opportunity. Companies that have already switched their internal communication to “remote mode” should not be satisfied with this and should also provide their customers with the best possible support with remote service technologies. One aspect is the so-called remote visual support.

A quick look at the status quo before Corona: IT help desks, field workers, and other support teams communicated via traditional channels such as telephone, mail, or – it may be hard to believe – fax. However, many customers have long complained that problems through these channels are not resolved quickly enough and with the desired success. And suddenly remote work became the new normal. Many support channels were now inaccessible. Agents could no longer be live and are therefore often “blind” to the actual problem.

So even before social distancing, new approaches were required in service – and now even more so. Companies can use existing resources to significantly upgrade their support: for example, the caller’s smartphone camera or remote access to the defective device. To be open to such possibilities helps both sides. Because not only are the customers more satisfied with the service, the service employee can also do their tasks more easily and better.

Customer Service 1.0

Support departments have numerous concerns to deal with. In addition to the previous inquiries, they are now also confronted with problems from employees working from home. And they need the same, if not more, attention than before. But if the support only receives an email or a phone call describing the situation, misunderstandings quickly arise and the solution can take several days, if not weeks. Also, it costs a lot of money if a professional has to travel to perform a service that would also have been possible remotely. The problem is well known and is not limited to IT support.

Camera Sharing And Co-Browsing The New Best Friends

The consistent use of innovative tools puts the assessment of a problem on a new basis, accelerates processes, and makes them more efficient and, above all, more satisfactory. Various tools help to make processes smoother and faster.

In the first step, a simple chatbot or virtual assistant can help to answer simple facts. Only when it reaches its limits is the request forwarded to a “real” employee. This can then pull all information about the process directly from the CRM solution.

If the cause cannot be found straight away, Remote Visual Support can help. With the appropriate tools, the service employee can, for example, access the camera of the mobile device if the customer has given his consent. Some solutions do not even require the download of a separate app and the employee can get an exact picture of the problem using the camera. Using a comment function, he can record instructions and document which steps are to be carried out in which order. Simple issues can be resolved within a few minutes. However, if the presence of a specialist is necessary, he or she will have the right spare part with him, for example.

Another way of service optimization is co-browsing. Here both conversation partners see the same content, similar to the camera sharing function. The agent can then navigate the caller directly through the solution. However, many companies and customers have concerns about security, availability, and resources. However, there are now solutions that are easy to implement and with which the service employee can offer a customer co-browsing easily and safely.

Remote Is Not Rocket Science

Social distancing will continue to shape work for a long time. However, the interaction does not have to suffer. With many companies currently in a shift towards flexible working, now is the right time to make things easier for everyone and improve service. Then the customer should also benefit from the remote technologies. Right now, his loyalty and satisfaction are more important than ever.

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