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Reach Your Audience Remotely For Success On Instagram

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In recent weeks, the crisis has profoundly changed people’s consumption and brand communication. Confined to their homes, consumers are no longer subject to the usual advertisements in the streets, shopping malls, etc. Even word of mouth is greatly reduced by social distancing. This is why companies must learn to communicate differently to successfully reach their audience from a distance. Social media can help yours achieve this goal. In particular, we have gathered 4 tips for you to communicate well on Instagram.

Set Up A Gift Card For Instagram

First, Instagram allows companies to set up a gift card. This option allows internet users to support a brand by purchasing a gift card directly in the application. In this way, you benefit from cash immediately, for orders which will not be placed until later.

Go to your Instagram professional profile and configure the Gift Card service with one of the available partners (Square or Kabbage). Please note, you must comply with the monetization rules for partners. Then add the link to the e-commerce site on which the gift card can be used.

Show That You Are Acting On Instagram

Then, it is important to show that you are participating in the crisis effort. There are many ways your business can contribute, from helping organizations that need it, to taking care of its customers and employees.

Whatever you do, communicate it clearly on Instagram. In these difficult times, your audience does not want to see commercial operations. She needs support, solidarity, and encouragement.

Concretely, you can provide your employees working on-site with personalized protective masks in your colors. You could even donate to the caregivers, who fight for the sick every day. For example, give personalized bottles of water to hospital staff in your city. Finally, post a photo of the people using your personalized gifts on your Instagram account.

The Hashtags Of The Moment 

Instagram is also a question of hashtags. To be more visible and better reach your audience, it is important to use the appropriate hashtags. During confinement, the most popular is famous.

Interact To Be Successful On Instagram

Today more than ever, people are looking for proximity, human contact (even virtual contact). This is what you can offer them via Instagram. So take the time to interact with your subscribers. Publish daily (photos, stories, and IG TV), respond to comments and direct messages, offer surveys, organize lives, etc. Do not hesitate to share behind the scenes of your current activity to strengthen proximity with your audience. And by following these tips, you will succeed in maintaining and strengthening your link with your audience on Instagram.

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