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What Is Qualified Electronic Signature And Why Is It Safe?

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In our Rule of Law, the identification of administrative acts requires legally valid recognition tools that make it possible to ensure an individual’s identity with security and reliability. While most steps now go through the ethereal networks of the Internet, it was, therefore, necessary to offer members of our society a safe, efficient, and easy to use for all. And that is exactly what Qualified Electronic Signature allows.

The Three Types Of Signature (Simple, Advanced, And Qualified)

To validate an administrative procedure, it is essential to affix your mark at the bottom of the documents concerned. For this, different types of electronic signatures can be used, the levels of legitimacy and security vary. The simple electronic signature is the most basic tool. By simply putting your mark on a document, you signify acceptance of its content.

This simple signature is the one with the lowest level of validity. The advanced electronic signature allows it to maximize the security and integrity of your identification thanks to a series of particular characteristics, such as the fact that it is linked uniquely to the individual thanks to the data he controls exclusively, for example.

Finally, the Qualified e-Signature offers the same guarantees as to the previous one but with an even higher level of legitimacy since its use is subject to the issuance of a certificate by a competent authority in the matter. The Qualified Electronic Signature is, therefore, the best way to protect your identity.

How Does It Work, And For what Reasons Do We Use The SEQ?

The Qualified Electronic Signature represents the safest and most advanced tool in electronic security. Like the advanced electronic signature, it uses the same security criteria. Still, it is differentiated by the need to validate the identity of the signatory upstream and that the signature key is stored in an eligible electronic creation device, such as, for example, a smart card, USB key, or badge.

Therefore, we will choose to use the SEQ to sign documents of a professional or particular nature. Still, the stakes are sufficiently high to justify the rather restrictive procedures allowing us to benefit from the tool’s security. This can concern all authentic acts, notaries, or bailiffs, for example, acts of lawyers such as company statutes or parental agreements, but also all acts producing effects in the Union because the tool is recognized in the countries. Members It can also be used to create a video identification profile.

Security And Reliability Of The SEQ

The Qualified Electronic Signature is part of profound upheaval in commercial and social practices. Indeed, with the eIDAS regulation, it is no longer necessary to obtain a certificate to validate the tool. Visual identification is sufficient. This is explained by the high level of security guaranteed by the SEQ, which will undoubtedly become a mandatory tool for carrying out most of our administrative procedures in the years to come.

This is why specialized companies, such as Electronic.EU already offers to guide you in the process of obtaining your certificate. Thanks to a particularly powerful algorithm, we can now perform the procedure very quickly and thus benefit from the universality of the SEQ. With them, the future of digital identification is opening up to you, and new possibilities will appear directly from your home.

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