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Public Cloud Storage Solutions Secure

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Storage resources have always been one of the assets that require more investment in the IT infrastructure of companies. Hence the appeal of cloud storage services is to reduce costs. But are public cloud storage solutions safe The possibility of having storage resources without having to deal with complex implementations and the ease of scaling them in the public cloud environment has encouraged many organizations to incorporate storage services from the leading public cloud providers, complementing them with other physical resources within a hybrid storage infrastructure, or as a stand-alone option.

The objective is to easily access all the storage systems that the business needs and get rid of them when they are not required. The infrastructure deployment model in the public cloud and payment for use allows it. But as with other cloud services, it is necessary to apply a strict security plan to the storage solutions contracted in the cloud to prevent the data they house from ending up in the hands of cybercriminals.

Cloud Storage Vulnerabilities

The cloud environment is highly vulnerable. The issue is complicated when the company has a multi-cloud strategy of consuming storage solutions from different providers. Few internal IT teams have the necessary knowledge to manage the various functionalities and particularities of each of them, which change depending on who provides it.

A session that has not been correctly closed, poorly defined and protected passwords, non-existence of multi-factor authentication, errors in the configuration of storage resources. All these circumstances open doors to cyber-attacks, and Cybercriminals continually monitor the internet for vulnerabilities.

Suffering a cyberattack on cloud storage can jeopardize the business of any organization. Accessing critical business data and private personal data has consequences for daily operations, preventing management applications from obtaining the information necessary to execute business processes, directly affecting corporate reputation, and paying high fines for breaking laws such as the GDPR.

Main Cyberthreats For Cloud Storage Services And Solutions

The objectives of cybercriminals to attack databases in the public cloud are several. On the one hand, they can choose to harm the organization by destroying the data contained in the attacked resource. That is, perform a delete. Although, before this operation, they will analyze the information collected to see its value and decide what to do with it. This is called data leakage—selecting critical material and filtration to the highest bidder.

Among the potential buyers of this data, in most cases, is also the company that has been stolen. It is a full-fledged storage ransomware cyberattack, and he is blackmailed for ransom to recover the stolen information. To avoid these cybersecurity risks and protect corporate storage in public cloud services, it is best to delegate its management to a company specialized in hybrid storage infrastructure. We have professionals who know the configuration specifications of the different cloud storage services of hyperscalers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Our staff is responsible for auditing and managing resources in the cloud, continuously scanning and assessing their degree of protection supported by advanced process automation tools. Thanks to this, it is possible to detect and respond to any threat both in the public cloud assets and in the on-premises that make up the hybrid IT infrastructures of organizations.

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