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Protect Your Accounts On The Internet With The Best Password Manager

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A short time ago, we had to have a method to help us remember the difficult passwords that we often had to use to keep our data safe. Today, thanks to password managers, this task is much easier and allows us to forget them all and remember only the most important ones.

Hand in hand with Google we find the best password manager that we can find, an easy tool to use, and that allows us to avoid unnecessary complications. Without having to install anything on our device and only using the Google account.

How To Save Passwords From Your Computer And Mobile

If we want to use the useful function of storing passwords in our Google account, we only have to do a few simple steps and the system will ask us in each web or application if we want to save the passwords.

To start using the computer, we just have to log into the Google account and for that, we will click on the button in Google Chrome next to the options, in the upper right. In this way, we will log in and Google will store the passwords and data to which we have given permission.

Once we have logged in with our Google account, the icon with our profile photo or the letter of our name will appear in the upper right if we have not changed it. By clicking on this icon on the computer, we have access to several options, but the one that interests us right now is the password, identified with a key.

When we touch on this option, it takes us to a new tab where we can activate if it does not come by default, the option to ask us to save the new passwords. From this moment, when we enter a website with our data or register in a new site, Google will ask us if we want to save it, thus permitting the next time not to have to write it.

In case we are interested in doing the same steps with our mobile, we just have to go to the Google Chrome browser, click on three points in the upper right, and then choose settings. Within the new tab, we have to select passwords and we can activate this useful function.

Manage Our Saved Passwords

In case we already have several saved passwords and we want to manage them, we have to follow the same steps on both devices. In this way, we will get to the same point, where we will find all the sales to the ace that we have permitted to save the passwords.

On this page we will be able to see the passwords, we will only have to click on the eye icon and then enter the security method depending on the device. On the computer, it will ask for the user’s access code, while on mobile we will have to put the unlock pin.

In addition to this, we will be able to remove the account, if we have modified it or want to stop allowing it to be written automatically. We must be clear that these data are private and with the security measure that Google Chrome integrates, nobody will be able to know the passwords that we have saved.

Sign In Automatically

If we want to go one step further, we can increase the speed with which we log in to different profiles. To do this we can carry out the process from our mobile or computer, using both platforms.

For that, we have to access settings, in the same way as before and we will find the option to automatically log in, where if we check, it will allow us to enter websites or applications without waiting. In some websites and applications, it may not work, since we have several linked accounts and we have to choose the one we prefer at all times.

Memory And Security Issues Are Over

With this simple trick, we can completely forget about entering the same password on several websites. What’s more, we can complicate it as much as we want, since Google will always be in charge of keeping us protected without having to memorize anything.

This makes the security of our Google account more important and that is why we must follow the security advice that manufacturers offer us. If we want to create a very strong password, we have to enter numbers, special characters, letters and combine them with lower case.

We should never enter personal data, dates, or something that can be linked to us since this is the most common, and the first thing that deliquescent people try to get is our personal information.

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