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Protect Your Mobile With The Private Mode Of Google Apps

Protect Your Mobile With The Private Mode Of Google Apps

We are increasingly concerned about privacy in our day-to-day life, something in which technology has a lot to say. With the passage of time and the news, we have seen how privacy has shown us how relevant it is, especially on mobile phones. And to achieve this, Google offers us some options with what to accomplish in its main applications.

Google is one of the most spotlight companies around the privacy and security of users. For this reason, they have implemented these options that seek that, at least whenever we need it, we can protect ourselves without any problem. In each app, the method changes slightly, as we are going to show you.

All Google Apps With Incognito Mode

Although, little by little, Google has been showing this incognito mode in more apps, there are some own applications where this mode does not exist since it does not make much sense to use it.

For example, in Gmail or Google Duo, it has no advantage since we need to have other people, and we cannot do it anonymously. However, other apps where Google’s incognito mode is beneficial are the following:

Google Search in private

In the Google search engine that we access from the mobile search bar, we can do searches in private, which is useful and prevents us from receiving results adapted to us or storing everything in our consult history.

This is because, by not using an account, the search engine cannot store or collect information, and it allows us total privacy on the mobile.

Google Chrome In Incognito Mode

The incognito mode option could not be missing either in the Google Chrome browser. This allows us the ability to search from Google Chrome itself without having to change accounts. In this case, it is faster, and we can combine private tabs in Google Chrome and the normal ones.

Now we can do searches from this tab without anyone knowing what we are consulting and without it appearing in history, among other things.

Use Google Maps In Private Mode

Whether we want to make a query in the place where we live or in a place where we are traveling, it can be beneficial to opt for Google Maps’ private mode.

The primary travel tool that more and more people use also has this option that allows us to locate a restaurant to have dinner as a surprise or visit without others who use our mobile knowing it.

We know that there are many times when privacy in terms of places may be necessary, and that is why the private mode of Google maps remains active for hours if we do not deactivate it.

From that moment, we will be invisible in the eyes of Google, and it will be until we erase the data from the app or, on the contrary, we decide to uninstall it. It should also be noted that this will make Google Maps measurements not as accurate.

Search YouTube Without Storing History

If we want to find a video or a tutorial of the style, YouTube, is the biggest and best place to find it. But it is also that, if we do not want anyone to know what we consult on our mobile, we can use the full privacy mode of YouTube.

As on previous occasions, this will make us lose recommendations adapted to us. Among other options, we will not be able to have a history with everything we have seen.

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